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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Letter - The Olympic game

Times of Malta - Valletta,Malta


Dear Sir:

It is despicable, but not surprising that Chinese Ambassador to Malta CHAI XI would openly defame Falun Gong and fabricate lies about their belief. Somebody should tell him that this isn’t China where people have been brainwashed to believe that Falun Gong are criminals. As the teachings are widely publicized and available for free download on the internet, it’s not a secret that Falun Gong of the Buddha School holds human life in the highest regard. They simply don’t kill themselves or others to go to heaven and are anti-violent. Not once in nine years of persecution have Falun Gong adherents retaliated in the face of brutal torture, including organ thefts by the brutal regime.

However, it is well known in the free world that Beijing’s platform to retain power and oppress people at will is based on pure communist party propaganda and brutality. This surprise attack on Tibet is a prime example. The fact that over 300 thugs dressed up as monks committed acts of violence in the streets explains to what extent Beijing is ready to go to portray the victims as the perpetrators and the number one enemy.

No wonder CHAI XI was quick to accept the interview request from The Sunday Times. He had a lot of crime justification to do. Hence, we all know that things are not well inside China with the ongoing crackdown on religious groups and voices of dissent ahead of the Olympics.

But, this thing has gone too far now and I don’t think people believe those kind of lies coming from Beijing bosses anymore—the communist party is just spinning its wheels.

Marie Beaulieu

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