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Monday, January 17, 2011

Self-Immolation of Falun Gong: Actually a Hoax

The New Tang Dynasty TV documentary film "False Fire: China's Tragic New Standard in State Deception," which won the 51st Columbus International Movie Television honor prize on November 8, 2003, can be viewed here/Video. It analyzes the 2001 TAM staged self-immolation of Falun Gong by the CCP.

Photo: Ms. Liu Chunling, mother of the 12-year-old girl, can be seen from the slow-motion sequence of the CCTV video that she fell down when she was hit on the head by a blunt object thrown by a policeman. Tiananmen Square, 23 Jan. 2001

Flashback: A CNN reporter was on the spot during the beginning of the incident, but was detained immediately and the film and camera were confiscated. At first, Xinhua claimed that the widely shown video was from CNN. However, CNN’s chief news executive, Eason Jordan, was quoted in the Washington Post as saying that “the footage used in the Chinese television reports could not have come from CNN videotape because the CNN cameraman was arrested almost immediately after the incident began.”

The Washington Post also visited the hometown of one of the women and concluded that she was unlikely to be a Falun Gong practitioner, based on extensive interviews.

The NGO International Education Development testified at the UN in Geneva as long ago as 2001 that “we have obtained a video of that incident that in our view proves that this event was staged by the government.”

Yet many Western media have continued to uncritically report the communist party line that Falun Gong practitioners were involved.

“They (Chinese regime, CCP) concoct propaganda and repeat it ceaselessly to further a campaign of persecution. It happened with capitalists in the 50s, intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution, and students turned enemies-of-the-state in 1989. The party fabricates and invents in order to incite hatred among the Chinese populace toward a particular group in the society.” John Jaw, WOIPFG

Full Article at Epoch Times


On Ten Year Anniversary, Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Continues to Be Deadly Frame-up

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