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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falun Gong to US: We have the technology to fight internet censorship

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A US Senate committee report said the delays in allocating funding have “strengthened the hands of those governments, including China’s, who seek to restrict their citizens’ access to information.”

The report suggested the delays in allocating funding were partly because some of the most sophisticated ICCT software — DIT and UltraReach — was developed by two US companies founded by members of the Falun Gong, which is banned in China, to allow followers to break through the “Great Firewall.”

The report said DIT and -UltraReach have been used to circumvent Internet censorship in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Myanmar and Vietnam — “countries which have looked to China for lessons in Internet control or to whom China has directly provided technologies to counter such products.”

Congress has given the State Department US$50 million for Internet freedom programs since -fiscal 2008, the report said, but US$30 million remains unspent and little has gone to ICCT.

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Digital Weapons help Falun Gong punch holes in China's Great Firewall

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