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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Communist Party Calls for Increased Efforts To "Transform" Falun Gong Practitioners as Part of Three-Year Campaign

March 22, 2011 - CECC Virtual Academy: According to documents issued by local governments, Party organizations, and other sources, Chinese authorities are currently in the second stage of a three-stage, three-year campaign to increase efforts to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners—a term the government and Party use to refer to the process of pressuring Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief in and practice of Falun Gong. The campaign, which lasts from 2010-2012, originated from the central-level 6-10 Office—an extralegal, Party-run security apparatus created in June 1999 to implement the Party's ban against Falun Gong. Some of the documents call on local governments to cooperate with Party organizations, or to make use of businesses or family members of Falun Gong practitioners to increase efforts to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. Some of the documents list quantitative "transformation" targets, require local businesses to sign "responsibility agreements" that require them to participate in the campaign, or call for the incorporation of "transformation" work into the performance reviews of local government agencies.

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