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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hungary Bans Falun Gong Protest of Wen Jiabao’s Visit

The denials are unconstitutional, according to the letter. The Hungarian Constitution specifies two causes for denying a request to demonstrate—jeopardizing the operations of the government or blocking traffic—and neither of those applies.

The letter asserts that “the police are under pressure to abuse the law of this country.” And links the Hungarian case to “a trend in which the Chinese Communist Party forces other nations to break their own laws and to deny citizens to exercise their freedoms in their country."

Since 1999, when Chinese delegations have come on state visits, in several instances host governments have tried to stop, hide, or limit the scope of Falun Gong protests.

The most heavily publicized case is one in which the Chinese regime attempted to bar protests by Falun Gong practitioners in connection with the visit to Iceland of China's then-paramount leader Jiang Zemin in June 2002.

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