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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Film Festival's China Focus Aims to Advance Freedom in China

Ottawa - Among its selections this year, the Third Annual Free Thinking Film Festival presented two compelling films on China that aimed to generate awareness and discussion about fundamental issues such as freedom, democracy, and human rights.

I wanted to make China a very big focus of our festival this year so that Canadians could see for themselves the human rights abuses.

— Fred Litwin, president, Free Thinking Film Society
“Free China” also described how Falun Gong practitioners were selected to have their organs and physical condition examined while in custody, speaking to ...

“Death by China: One Lost Job at a Time” analyzes the cost to the U.S. of its trade relationship with China, highlighting growing trade imbalances, the regime’s unfair trade practices, and consequences in the U.S. such as factory closures, unemployment, and rising debt owed to China.

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