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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Canadian MPs Look into Gruesome Business of Organ Harvesting

Human rights subcommittee studies illegal organ harvesting in China


Families of transplant recipients told Matas and Kilgour they were denied information about the donor, doctors, or support staff. International investigators are also denied entry into China’s labour camps.


 “They won’t allow the Red Cross into these camps, or anybody from outside. There is no reporting, there are no NGOs. They don’t tell you where the camps are, they don’t tell you what the populations are,” said Matas.

“The way we find out about labour camps is we talk to people who have been in them and then get out of the camps and out of China.”

Thousands of disappeared Falun Gong adherents are unaccounted for in China, including Michelle Zhang’s sister. Zhang, who now lives in Toronto, said her sister, Yunhe, disappeared within the prison system after her 2002 arrest. Prison officials now deny ever having detained Yunhe.

Liberal MP Irwin Cotler said the amount of evidence that organ harvesting is taking place in China demands that Chinese authorities acknowledge and disprove the allegations.

“The burden of proof at this point must be on the Chinese authorities,” Cotler said.

Conservative MP Scott Reid, who chairs the committee, worried that the profitability of organ harvesting could make it harder to extinguish.

More: Epoch Times

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