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Monday, January 22, 2007

Letter - China’s censors

SF Examiner: Jan. 22, 2007 - I find it odd that the Chinese Consulate officials shamelessly tell Americans what to see, hear or do in San Francisco [“Chinese officials denounce show,” Jan. 20-21]. Since when do Communist values take precedence over American values? These Beijing propagandists are nothing short of transparent — and would seem silly if not so bloody — in their pretended righteousness against those of us who attended the unique and magnificent Chinese New Year Spectacular.

The fact that some of the atrocities committed by the Chinese regime were re-enacted in the show is nothing unusual; interpretative dance is a feature of all great symphonies, operas and ballets. America is all about celebrating multiculturalism. I give the Chinese New Year Spectacular five stars for their originality in blending ancient and modern China on the same stage.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria, British Columbia

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