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Monday, January 22, 2007

Falun Gong out of San Francisco New Year's Parade?

Falun Gong’s participation in the the SF Lunar parade is the subject of controversies again this year. It's not hard to figure out why this is--the communist influence in San Francisco is just fierce.

Excerpt: But lawyers for Falun Gong disagree. They say the San Francisco city charter prevents the city from using taxpayer dollars for political means and in essence, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is excluding Falun Gong because of political pressure from China.

"The Chinese consular general sits on the Chinese chamber of commerce," Zhan said.

"They want to create the image that Falun Gong is not accepted around the world when in fact there are over 100 million followers.

They're basically trying to repress Falun Gong everywhere." (more)

FogCity-Letter published Jan. 20, 2007: Chinese government persecution of Falun Gong well documented by Marie Beaulieu

It sounds like the Chamber of Commerce is fearful of allowing Falun Gong in their parade again because they (the Falun Gong) don't approve of the Communist Regime, or is it the other way around?

Hasn't the regime been responsible for torturing and killing their family members for almost eight years?

The evidence of the persecution is well documented at the UN and everybody knows by now that the Falun Gong will keep on defending their human rights until the atrocities come to a halt.

Would someone tell the Red Barons that standing up for human rights is not the same as being political. This is America not China! Let the Falun Gong enter the parade to share their Chinese heritage.

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