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Friday, June 01, 2007

Letter: Bo Xilai should be expelled

London Free Press: May 29, 2007 - Re: Canada-China talks raise Falun Gong ire

If Canada is not a safe haven for criminals, why in the world do we open our doors to a perpetrator of crimes against Falun Gong, despite much protest? Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Emerson has long known about Bo’s dark past and special interest in persecuting Falun Gong so this lawsuit should come as no surprise to him. But what is most disturbing though is the fact that Bo was let in the Country while currently on the RCMP watch list complete with lawsuits in 11 countries. One thing is for certain, when it comes to our foreign policy, it sure looks like the Liberal legacy of serving two masters has been resurrected thanks to Emerson. Canada should do much better than that and stick to their principled agenda. Canadians beware of corrupt Chinese officials and play your cards right!

Marie Beaulieu

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