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Friday, June 01, 2007

Letter: Tiananmen – Witness to history

On June 3, 1989, the People's Liberation Army gathered on the streets of Muxudi area in Beijing, and killed Ding's 17-year-old son, Jiang Jielian. His ashes are still kept in Ding's house. Ding hopes that when the June 4th incident is rehabilitated, half of her son's ashes will be placed in a "June 4th Monument" and the other half will be scattered at Tai Lake in Jiangshu Province, their homeland, along with the ashes of Ding and her husband after they die. (more)

MWC, Ottawa Citizen, Taipei Times, and Times Colonist published the letter: China's ongoing war against freedom; Light a candle to remember Tiananmen, Tiananmen still frightening

Remembering the bloodshed at Tiananmen on the dark night of June 4, 1989 still sends shivers down my spine.

At this crucial time before the 2008 Olympics, the Tiananmen massacre reverberates with kindred spirits throughout the free world more and more.

Since 1989 the tyrannical Communist Party (CCP) hasn’t loosened its grip one bit--its war against freedom is relentless.

This is the land where assaults on dissident voices have multiplied in the dawn of the Olympics, where the young and the old are tortured and organ harvesting is synonym of genocide.

On June 4th I will light a candle for the kind souls who’ve lost their lives in the name of freedom. China must be liberated!

Marie Beaulieu

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