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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Public Safety Looking Into Death Threats of Falun Gong Reporter

Epoch Times - The Minister of Public Safety [Vic Toews], who is responsible for national security, has directed his officials to investigate these threats and work to ensure Wang Tao’s personal safety,” wrote MP Hiebert in an emailed response to the Epoch Times.

Tao Wang had a successful business in China until his work as a television reporter in Vancouver attracted the attention of the Chinese Communist Party. Wang works for New Tang Dynasty Television, a Chinese-language TV station that is among the few to broadcasts stories within China’s borders about topics the Chinese regime considers sensitive, such as government corruption and human rights abuses.

‘It is absolutely unacceptable for agents of a foreign government to be threatening a Canadian citizen.’ — MP Russ Hiebert

But agents went beyond shutting down his business and vague threats against Wang and his family. Wang says they also threatened his life.

“They said, ‘If you ever go public on this, you are—in Chinese words—seeking death.’ I believe it was a very clear message.”


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