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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Human shield stops deportation

Mr An is right to be fearful about becoming an unwilling organ donor if sent back to China. Let's hope they will not secretly deport him during the night.

Sydney Morning Herald: Feb. 28, 2007 - A Chinese man who was due to be deported today has apparently won a reprieve after a stand-off between guards and detainees at Villawood detention centre, a refugee advocate says.

Falun Gong practitioner Xiang Tao An, who fears he will be forced to become part of a live-organ trade, was set to be deported to China on an Air China flight from Sydney today.

Mr An, 35, believes that his religion means he will be incarcerated on arrival in China. He says he has been detained twice by Chinese authorities in the past and claims he was beaten.

Earlier this morning about 50 detainees massed around Mr An in the centre's recreation room to stop guards from putting him on the flight. (read more)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Video: Organ Harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners

Click here to watch the video.

Bloody Harvest: “We have concluded that the government of China and its agencies in numerous parts of the country, in particular hospitals but also detention centers and ‘people’s courts,’ since 1999 have put to death a large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. Their vital organs, including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas, were virtually simultaneously seized involuntarily for sale at high prices, sometimes to foreigners, who normally face long waits for voluntary donations of such organs in their home countries.”

Refugee describes abuse in Chinese prison

I have met Winston a couple of years ago and his experience of abuse and torture by the communist regime is really sad. That's just one example of how Communist China treats its own people, especially Falun Gong practitioners.

Physical abuse was bad, but mental torture was worse, Falun Gong member recalls

Cnews.canoe by Cary Castagna: February 26, 2007 - Falun Gong practitioner Wenyu (Winston) Liu says the mental torture he was forced to endure in a Beijing prison was much worse than the daily beatings and electrical shocks.

"The police told me, 'We want to drive you insane," recalled the 35-year-old University of Calgary PhD student, who spent nearly three years in a Chinese jail for distributing leaflets detailing the persecution of Falun Gong members.

Liu, imprisoned in 2001, was released after reluctantly signing documents denouncing Falun Gong, a quasi-religious movement that was banned in China in 1999.

But his 34-year-old wife, Yue Yao, remains in a women's prison in Beijing, where she is serving a 12-year sentence.

Liu said he has lost contact with his wife, as prison officials don't allow him to write or call her.

And Liu, who's in the process of applying for refugee status, worries that he may never see his wife again.

An Edmonton group of Falun Gong practitioners is urging the Canadian government to get involved and initiate rescue efforts.

Chi Yeh, a 50-something Edmonton accountant, is hopeful the group can raise enough public awareness to force change.

"All the people should be concerned about it and be aware and lend a hand to help rescue his wife. When the voice is strong, our government can exert pressure."

Yeh said the group is also concerned that Chinese officials will execute Yao and harvest her vital organs for sale in China's illicit organ harvesting and transplant tourism industry.

"She could be a target," he added. "Anybody could be a target when they're in that situation."

Last month, former Edmonton MP David Kilgour told the Sun that an unknown number of wealthy Albertans have travelled to China to buy kidneys and livers harvested from executed devotees of the outlawed Falun Gong movement.

Kilgour said he and immigration lawyer David Matas have gathered overwhelming evidence that Chinese officials are killing Falun Gong practitioners and harvesting their organs for transplant for as much as $70,000 per organ.

Courage -- and a passion for what's right

I couldn’t agree more with Peter Worthington. David Kilgour is one of the most deserving candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is why.

Courage -- and a passion for what's right

Toronto Sun: February 25, 2007 - Sun If there's one Canadian who is deserving of consideration for a Nobel Peace Prize, that person is David Kilgour, once the longest reigning MP in Canada (26 years - 1979-2006) who has never compromised his principles.

It's hard for anyone -- especially a politician -- to put principles ahead of compromise, and boast (which is not Kilgour's nature) that on issues he considers important, he's been the Rock of Gibraltar.

But that's David Kilgour, who at age 66, retains a boyish passion for what is right, and the courage to put his body on the line. Commendable as that characteristic may be, it's insufficient to warrant consideration for the Peace Prize.

Twice in his political career as an MP (and cabinet minister) from Edmonton, he quit his party over principles -- the Tories when they brought in the hated GST, the Liberals for the sponsorship scandal. But it's forlorn human rights causes that make Kilgour special -- the Jiminy Cricket of international abuses.

It's easy to deplore abuses that go on in, say, Darfur, China, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, etc. Kilgour does something about them. George Bush, Britain's Tony Blair, the UN's ineffectual former Secretary

General Kofi Annan, all repeatedly insist Darfur must not become another Rwanda. Yet little is done. Words versus deeds.

Kilgour has gone to Darfur, and pricks the conscience of the world by reminding those who aren't anxious to be reminded. Along with Winnipeg civil rights lawyer David Matas, Kilgour has sought to shame every government into action.

The civilized world prefers talk to action.

Some 7,000 "peacekeeping" troops from the hopeless African Union do nothing to curb violence in Darfur.

Until Sudan's Khartoum government is brought to heel, genocide will thrive. And everyone knows it. To their shame, countries like Jordan and Egypt, support Sudan's homicidal Islamic regime of President Omar el-Bashir, who only accepts African "troops" in his country.

In Canada, Jack Layton would like Canadian troops moved out of Afghanistan and into Darfur -- nonsense, but the flavour of the moment.

Even more significant than Darfur, Kilgour has taken on China, which has been accused (with powerful evidence) of imprisoning Falun Gong supporters and harvesting their organs for sale to rich and desperate transplant recipients. The Chinese admit selling

organs of death row criminals, but denies taking the organs of Falun Gong believers - a benign philosophy of meditation, humanity, generosity whose popularity is growing faster then the Communist party's, hence Beijing's hatred.

Almost single-handedly Kilgour has brought China's organ "harvesting" scandal to the developed world's attention. Even the European Parliament is outraged.

Kilgour urges international pressure brought on China over the coming Olympic Games as a way to get Beijing to moderate its tyranny.

Kilgour supports Burma's (Myanmar) gallant Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyl's opposition to the country's military regime. He argues that a nine day "tourist" visit of Canadian lawyers helps the dictatorial regime. While I'd argue that any "foreign" eyes allowed inside Myanmar are better than nothing, it's hard to disguise tyranny.


In these and other issues, Kilgour takes more than a stand -- he visits abusive regimes, investigates and brings findings to the attention of the world. Visit his web site and see for yourself: .

A great-nephew of John McCrae, author of In Flanders Fields, the great World War I poem that has left its mark on all generations that went to war, David Kilgour is a modern Don Quixote challenging all dragons -- his heart always pure, his intentions always noble, his successes more than he may realize.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Falun Gong 2000 day-vigil at Vancouver Chinese Consulate


February 9th marks 2000 days since Falun Gong practitioners started their peaceful vigil on Granville outside the Chinese Consulate

Today (February 9th) marks 2000 days of probably what constitutes one of the longest vigils in history. Falun Gong practitioners gather in front of the Chinese Consulate on Granville to mark this important day. They have one goal in common: to bring a halt to the inhumane persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), now in its seventh year. Falun Gong teaches meditation through exercise. It begun in 1992 and has grown to include more than 70 million adherents before it was banned by the Chinese government in July 1999.

Around the year 2000, the persecution of Falun Gong entered a new phase and became magnified considerably. A 2006 independent study by David Kilgour, a former MP and cabinet minister, and David Matas, an international human rights lawyer, confirmed the practice of organ snatching from live Falun Gong practitioners in China. According to their most recent study, “Bloody Harvest”, China’s military is harvesting organs from unwilling live prison inmates, mostly Falun Gong practitioners, for transplants on a large scale, including to foreign recipients.

“We have concluded that the government of China and its agencies in numerous parts of the country, in particular hospitals but also detention centers and ‘people’s courts,’ since 1999 have put to death a large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. Their vital organs, including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas, were virtually simultaneously seized involuntarily for sale at high prices, sometimes to foreigners, who normally face long waits for voluntary donations of such organs in their home countries.” Mr. Kilgour said that “hospitals in Canada's biggest cities - Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto - confirmed "a substantial number'' of Canadians had traveled to China for dubious organ transplants.”

In light of these findings, the BC Falun Dafa Association urges our government to investigate and stop the atrocities. Canada’s support is vital in the international effort to stop this heinous practice. For this effort to succeed, we need everybody's participation--it will help save many lives.

The newest version of the report, “Bloody Harvest,” is available here.

For more background information, visit:


World Transplant Congress and Chinese Protests

New Evidence in Kilgour-Matas Report on Organ Harvesting

Ottawa- David Matas and David Kilgour called on all states to ban transplant tourism to China. The call was made in the context of a revised version of a report which addresses the allegation whether organs are harvested from Falun Gong practitioners who were killed in the process. The initial report was released July 6, 2006. The reports conclude that it is true. The revised report almost doubles the amount of evidence that the practice is continuing.

New evidence in the revised report reinforcing the original conclusions includes:

  • the donor recipient experience that transplant operations are done in a secretive way suggesting cover up of a crime;

  • heavy military involvement in the organ transplant business;

  • additional admissions from the hospitals that they have Falun Gong organs for transplant. The admissions were made to telephone investigators posing as relatives of patients in need of transplants ;

  • additional testimony from Falun Gong victim witnesses about both systematic blood testing of only Falun Gong practitioners in Chinese detention and the disappearance of the massive numbers of Falun Gong practitioners in detention who refused to self identity to the authorities;

  • death through torture of over three thousand named Falun Gong practitioners;

  • the building of dedicated facilities for organ transplants without any identifiable source for transplants other than prisoners;

  • corroborating studies from other independent researchers coming to the same conclusion as the Matas/Kilgour report.

  • the failure to implement the law in force July 1, 2006 prohibiting the harvesting of organs without consent;

  • the failure of foreign laws and ethics to provide an effective barrier to transplant tourism to China;

  • the absence of effective foreign warning transplant sources in China through travel advisories and other information programs;

  • the absence of any meaningful answer or contradiction from the Government of China to the first version of the report;

  • the absence of an organ donation system in China;

The report recommendations include:

  • extra-territorial legislation preventing patients from going abroad for transplants where neither the donor nor his family consent;

  • end of funding for after care for patients who benefit from commercial organ transplants abroad;

  • ceasing contact with Chinese transplant professionals;

  • warning through government travel advisories and public information campaigns that the source of organ transplants in China with few exceptions is prisoners.

"Our investigations have found Canadians going to China for transplants from Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. The numbers are increasing”, said Kilgour.

“The market for organs in China is determined by supply and demand. The supply is local, but the demand is, in large part, foreign. We must do everything we can to end this demand”, said Matas.

For further information, contact David Kilgour at 613-747-7854,

David Matas at 204-944-1831

The revised report can be obtained at:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Callers crank 'Gong' Show

Believe or not, Beijing is meddling again with NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular. Cynthia R. Fagen has the scoop.

NY Post: February 7, 2007 -- Crank callers from China have been hogging telephone ticket hot lines here in an attempt to sabotage a Chinese variety show at Radio City Music Hall because it puts a positive spin on the outlawed Falun Gong sect, according to the show's backers.

"They are trying to occupy the time so other callers who want to buy tickets can't call in," said Carrie Hung, the troupe's spokeswoman.

Backers claim the festive "Chinese New Year Spectacular" - which celebrates the Year of the Pig - is being targeted by government officials back home.

The show takes the stage at the start of China's lunar calendar this month.

The calls, with the area code 681, emanate from Beijing.

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular

The Divine Beauty of Traditional Chinese Culture Shines at New York's Radio City Music Hall

As we usher in the Year of the Pig, the divine beauty of the ancient East will come to life in NYC with the now legendary NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular! The 30-city world tour Spectacular will play at Radio City from February 14 – 17.

Featuring the best of Chinese culture and world-class performers, this unique show portrays genuine traditional Chinese culture and includes classical Chinese dance as well as various traditional dances. Performers have worked hard to emulate the musical style of the ancients—classical melodies filled with the power of compassion. Showcasing grand stage designs, hand-painted backdrops and authentic costuming from ancient Chinese Dynasties, the theme of Myths and Legends weaves a tale of the proverbial battle between good and evil through theatre, music and dance.

One of NTDTV’s main goal is to revive lost Chinese culture from the ancient past. As you may be aware, in 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party took power in China, its leaders did everything possible to sever the people from their 5,000-year-old culture. Everything moral and spiritual was suddenly uprooted from people's lives--temples and buddhas were destroyed. The arts became a tool for fulfilling political aims, evoking the dark side of human nature. China's folk music was used to serve the communist revolution.

Unfortunately, those born after 1949 have opened their eyes to a spiritual desert. They are no longer familiar with their own heritage, which has been decimated and replaced with the communist-atheist model.

Judging by the growth and success of the Chinese New Year Spectacular, now in its fourth year, I believe that NTDTV has lived up to its word. The Spectacular really does have the effect of removing the communist "wrapping paper" around the essence of traditional Chinese values and beauty. It is not surprising that the show ranked 7th on Billboard Magazine’s top 10 shows in Feb 2006 based on ticket sales for the 2006 shows at Radio City Music Hall.

The Spectacular is a delight to Chinese and Western audiences alike--a truly heartwarming event not to be missed. "The Chinese New Year Spectacular is the best show ever to appear on stage in North America,” said former member of Parliament Simma Holt. “I saw the show in Canada and I would like to say to the Chinese Consulate officials, who made a statement saying that the show is political, the fact that some of the atrocities committed by the Chinese regime were re-enacted in the show is nothing unusual; interpretative dance is a feature of all great symphonies, operas and ballets.”

Look here for more information on the show. Get your tickets here and here.

NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular
Radio City Music Hall

1260 6thAve., NY, NY10020

Survey finds 300m China believers

The party (CCP) just loves to hate Falun Gong.

BBC: The number of religious believers in China could be three times higher than official estimates, according to a survey reported by state media.

But the party is still ready to deal harshly with any religious group it perceives to be a challenge to its authority - especially the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong, which was not mentioned in the reports. (more)

Jurnalo: The government has promoted Buddhism and supported state-sanctioned temples in recent years, partly to counteract the influence of the Falun Gong spiritual movement and similar sects.

Before it was banned in 1999, Falun Gong claimed to have 70 million members in China. (more)

Vancouverites protest torture-linked show


Falun Gong practitioners will gather at the corner of Gore and Keefer to protest Chinese New Year pop concert, sponsored by CCTV, China's state-run television station, called "The Same Song," slated to take place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Monday, February 12.

The event billed as a celebration takes as its theme song a Chinese hit called, “The Same Song” (Tong Yi Shou Ge). However, According to torture victims, "The Same Song" was used in Chinese labour camps where Falun Gong practitioners were violently tortured into renouncing their beliefs.

Although the lyrics of the "Same Song" are benign it is sung by guards as a way of celebrating the breaking of the victims human spirit after intense torture, humiliation and brainwash sessions as he or she totally succumbs to the torturers and swears total allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.

“It is like a demented ‘victory song’ … it haunts me to this day,” says Mr. Li, Xin, Falun Gong practitioner now living in Toronto who faced torture in the communist regime’s labour camp system. Multiple accounts suggest that the song has become a political instrument, used to effect psychological control and elicit trauma. It has also become a potent symbol of the state’s power over spiritual believers -- a veiled threat.

State owned CCTV has been a major force in the campaign to eliminate the Falun Gong in China through the mass dissemination of propaganda. On December 22, the CRTC released its long awaited decision on the application of 9 communist run TV channels, including CCTV4, looking for a permit to broadcast into Canada on a digital basis. The CRTC states that on multiple occasions, CCTV4 had aired hate inciting and/or abusive programming that “could incite violence and threaten the physical security of Falun Gong practitioners.” Unfortunately, the CRTC irresponsibly approved CCTV to broadcast here in Canada.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

China’s shifting policies still hindering religion, witnesses say

Communist China is trying very hard to save face before the Olympics, restoring temples, pretending religious tolerance, etc…but we won't get fooled again or will we?

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) heard testimony from Chinese religious leaders and human rights advocates on the situation in China as the city of Beijing prepares for the Olympics.

The changing strategies and tactics of the public security officials ... suggests that the Chinese authorities are becoming concerned about appearing more tolerant of Christians in the eyes of the international community.

However, there seems to be less evidence of a genuine change in their broad Policy, Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association, said.

Sharon Hom, executive director of Human Rights in China, told the commissioners, “The situation is getting worse.... It’s been consistently getting worse.” (more)

Support for call by wife for review of imprisoned cyber-dissident Yang Zili’s trial: Reporters without borders

Yang Zili, a Falun Gong practitioner, was sentenced to eight years in 2003 for posting an article on the we're hoping for a miracle...

Reporters Without Borders today voiced support for a request for a review of cyber-dissident Yang Zili¡'s trial, which his wife, Lu Kun, has made on the grounds of new evidence that shows that he was convicted on trumped-up charges. The Beijing intermediate court turned down her request, but she filed a new request to the supreme court and is still awaiting its decision. Yang has been in prison since 2001.

A computer specialist and founder of the website, Yang was arrested on 20 April 2001 after writing articles for his website that advocated political freedoms, criticised the crackdown on the Falun Gong spiritual movement and deplored the economic hardship of China’s peasants. He also posted articles by other members of his group, which used to meet once a week to discuss political reform. He was sentenced by the Beijing intermediate court on 28 May 2003 to eight years in prison for “subverting state authority.” The sentence was confirmed on appeal on 10 November 2003. The three other members of the group who were arrested with him also received long prison sentences. Xu (a journalist) and Jin (a geologist) got ten years, while Zhang (a writer) got eight years. (more)

SF, HK celebrate 18 Million who quit the CCP

From San Francisco to Hong Kong, rights activists celebrate 18 Million brave men and women who have quit the CCP. Watch a video here of the Hong Kong Grande Parade.

Read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to discover the uncensored history of the brutal ruling of the CCP.

More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

In the last hundred years, the sudden invasion by the communist specter has created a force against nature and humanity, causing limitless agony and tragedy. It has also pushed civilization to the brink of destruction. It has become an extremely malevolent force against the universe.

Excerpt SF : Gathering host Ma Youzhi said that while this is another day worth celebrating, it is mixed with sadness because the China has been enslaved by the CCP for such a long time. There have been too many Chinese people who perished through the CCP's cruelty and violence, Ma Youzhi continued. Today, mainland China is still under the enslavement of the CCP.

"Today we are very happy that there are 18 million people who have awakened. The days of the CCP's enslavement of the Chinese people are numbered," Ma Youzhi said. (more)