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Thursday, March 30, 2006

UN to investigate Sujiatun Organ Harvesting Death Camp for Falun Gong

U.N. envoy looks at Falun Gong torture allegations as a third witness reveals the existence of dozens of death camps

This is excellent news. I'm slowly regaining confidence in the UN--a thorough investigation as opposed to a show tour is what I hope for. If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were to crush Falun Gong before the 2008 Olympics as they intend to, one might wonder how many more death camps are there? There could be as many as 36 according to Minghui/Clearwisdom. Who will be next? For the lastest reports, look here. 30 March 2006 - After the first two witnesses exposed the Sujiatun atrocities, another witness who identified himself as "a veteran military doctor in General Logistics Department of Shenyang Military Region" stepped out to point out that Sujiatun underground concentration camp indeed exists, organ harvest is routine there, it is also common to cremate dead bodies and even living people there, yet Sujiatun hospital is only one of the 36 similar concentration camps. (Full report)

GENEVA (Reuters) 30 March 3006 - The United Nations torture investigator said on Thursday he was looking into allegations by the Falun Gong group that thousands of its followers were being held at a Chinese "concentration camp" and some had been killed.

The banned spiritual movement alleged this month that up to 6,000 people at a time were kept at a state-run camp in the Sujiatun district of the northern city of Shenyang, where it said some had been killed and their organs sold.

"The allegation is Falun Gong practitioners are being used for the sale of organs and human tissues ... According to the allegation nobody has so far left this concentration camp," said Manfred Nowak, U.N. special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

"I am presently in the process of investigating as far as I can these allegations ... If I come to the conclusion that it is a serious and well-founded allegation, then I will officially submit it to attention of the Chinese government," he told a news briefing.

Nowak, who visited China late last year after a decade of negotiations, reported last week he found torture widespread in the country, home to the world's biggest prison population.

China has denied earlier abuse and torture charges made by Nowak and asked the U.N. envoy to think again.

The Falun Gong bulletin said the allegations were based on "testimony from an insider and formal journalist from China", who also alleged the camp had a crematorium and many doctors.

Nowak, an Austrian law professor, said if the allegations proved true it would be a serious violation of many basic human rights, including the right to life and the right not to be subjected to torture or ill-treatment.

In his report last week he called on China to abolish its "re-education through labour" system and urged authorities to release all political prisoners and people held for exercising their right to freedom of speech, assembly and religion.

This included imprisoned practitioners of Falun Gong, banned in 1999 as a "cult" that threatens the government.


AFP: 01 April 2006 - US presses China for probe on Falun Gong organ harvesting claim

State Department Press Releases And Documents

Copyright (c) 2006 Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.


Daily Press Briefing

Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman

Washington, DC

March 31, 2006


QUESTION: Okay. I would like to switch the topic a little bit. About the recent revealed Sujiatun concentration camp where it is said thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were killed for their organs, what is the State Department's comment about that?

MR. ERELI: Well, obviously, any such reports are taken very seriously by us. We haven't been able to confirm them. We have contacted the Government of China about them. The Chinese have publicly denied the allegations. We've made the point that a further investigation would be helpful. We urge that it be done. So at this point, they are basically unconfirmed reports and we've raised them and we've urged a full investigation.

QUESTION: Did you suggest any international investigation or a third party --

MR. ERELI: No. We've raised it with the Chinese and urged them to investigate.



According to a report from American University entitled:

Illegal Human Organ Trade from Executed Prisoners in China

“Today, China stands alone in continuing the use of organs of executed prisoners for transplant surgery.”1 International organizations such as the World Medical Association and the World Health Organization regard the sale of human organs as inhumane and unethical. These organizations believe it is essential to address all concerns surrounding illicit organ trade and possibly invoke an international trade mandate to which all nations must adhere. Human rights organizations and numerous former Chinese citizens, like Harry Wu, assert that China uses human organs from executed prisoners to sell for substantial profit. The repercussions resulting from the lack of international laws regulating global human organ trade has caused a worldwide upheaval. Human rights issues encircling the illicit human organ trade as well as the effects of this trade in China and globally should be examined and analyzed."


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Chinese defector Han Guangshen faces possible deportation

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Judge reserves decision on Chinese defector's appeal of refugee status

It turns out that the Ottawa federal court will not grant Han political asylum. He will likely appeal this decision. There is definitely something wrong with this picture.Here is the latest on this situation.

Lawyer Optimistic Chinese Defector Will Get Protection in Canada

Chinese labour camp boss loses bid to say in Canada

Vancouver Sun: 06 April 2006 - ...While Han gave orders against abusing Falun Gong prisoners, he acknowledged there was violence against other prisoners in his camp, said the court decision.

Han, who is in his early 50's, went to the media last year with his story that fears for his life if he is sent back to China.

....The issue was not raised in the court ruling and Canadian law does not permit returning people to countries where they face the death penalty." (full report)

My letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun:

Chinese defector faces potential execution in China

It is shocking to see that the federal court has refused to give political asylum to Han Guangsheng, best known as the ‘Chinese Schindler’. Last fall Han revealed that the majority of participants in “business delegations” coming from China are in fact regime officials or/and spies. And although he has helped lessen the mistreatment of the Falun Gong detained in Shenyang, it appears as if the judge is punishing him for his connection to "widespread and systematic human-rights abuses”. Then why is our government trading with China if it is so corrupt as they say it is? Isn’t that in itself linking us to those very same crimes against humanity? Hypocrisy is the word that springs to mind. Our government should practise what they preach in world affairs and start weighing the consequences. Han will likely be executed as a traitor when deported back to Beijing. It is within our Canadian Code of Law to not deport people to a country knowing that they will be faced with torture and/or murdered. Somehow I fail to see the legitimacy of our judicial system.

March 30, 2006 - Let's hope that the IRB lightens up sooner than later and recognize that Han Guangsheng has shown that he is worthy of getting asylum in Canada. For the Epoch Times' latest reports on defections from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) go here. Have a look at the letter to the editor towards the end.

Han's lawyer argued his client was opposed to the Chinese government crackdown on Falun Gong and disobeyed orders.

TORONTO (CP) 29 March 2006 - A Federal Court judge reserved her decision Wednesday on whether the Immigration and Refugee Board was right to deny asylum to a Chinese defector for being a "willing accomplice" in crimes against humanity in his homeland.

Guangsheng Han faces possible deportation if Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson upholds the board's April 2005 decision to reject his claim for refugee status.

Han was a former supervisor of prisons and labour camps in northeastern China who defected in September 2001 during a visit to Toronto. He claimed refugee status the following year.

The board ruled he was an accomplice in a system linked to widespread human rights abuses, failed to specify the crimes in which he was allegedly complicit and also erred in preferring documentary evidence to his oral testimony.

Han had argued at refugee board hearings that he tried to stamp out the mistreatment of prisoners and worked to protect their rights upon becoming disillusioned with the Chinese justice system.

Federal lawyers argued Han's bid for asylum "completely disregards" his involvement in a system linked to widespread human rights abuses.

Those abuses include the alleged torture of political dissidents and devotees of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice denounced by the Chinese government as an evil cult.

Han claims he ordered subordinates not to mistreat Falun Gong followers, investigated the abuse of imprisoned practitioners and ordered the release of others.

In an interview with the Canadian Press in June 2005, Han said he fears he will be executed if sent back to China.

He has compared himself to Oskar Schindler, portrayed in the film Schindler's List, who helped many Jews escape the Nazi regime.

A decision in the review could take several months, said federal lawyer Tamrat Gebeyehu, who presented the IRB's case earlier Wednesday in a Toronto court.

"We can't really tell how long it's going to take in the process at this point,: Gebeyehu said.

A friend sent me a copy of her letter to the editor on this topic.

Re: Fighting deportation

So Han Guangsheng was a 'participant' in the abuse of Falun Gong practitioners. If this is true, he was most probably following the very orders of the Chinese officials who visit Canada and who are wined and dined by our politicians with tax payers' money. And they, would mostly likely be the ones to issue the order of execution, upon Han's arrival back in China. After all he was the one that broke rank and 'told' about the spy network operation in Canada. It is clear that such a scenario would cause an utmost embarrassment to Beijing. There is no doubt in my mind that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will set an example for others who might dare to also speak out.

Actually Han was known as a Chinese 'Schindler', who did his best to lessen the mistreatment of practitioners detained in the jails he oversaw. After he came to Canada, he joined the growing number of voices, both inside and outside of China, who dare expose the true situation in Communist China.

It is not surprising either that the court reporter, Ian McDougall or his colleagues, did not report on the many Canadian lawsuits for genocide and crimes against humanity filed by Falun Gong practitioners against our illustrious guests, well known persecutors, namely Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Huang Huahua, Chen Zhili, Liu Jing, Zhou Yongkang, Li Langqing, Wang Maolin, Wu Ganzheng. Protectionism is the word that springs to mind.

Hey, but there is always hope. Even if Canada decides to deport Han Guangsheng, maybe part of him--perhaps a liver, kidney or cornea (or even all three) will come back to live in Canada. It's time for the IRB to sober up and start weighing the consequences.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aussies to sell uranium to Communist China?

by Chin Jin

Put national security ahead of economic interests--Canberra should think twice before selling uranium to China

The Australian: March 30, 2006 – Chinese State Premier Wen Jiabao will visit Australia this weekend to sign an agreement for sale of Australian uranium to China. Canberra has indicated it is assured that China, a signatory of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, will not use the uranium for weapons manufacture.

While selling uranium might be in Australia's short-term economic interest, it is not in our long-term national security interest. There is a close link between uranium and nuclear weaponry development. How, on the basis of this agreement, can Australia be sure China will use its uranium for peaceful rather than military means?

The Chinese Government has ignored or invalidated its commitments and treaties in the recent past. China became signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1998.

However, to this day, these two treaties have not been ratified and put into operation in China. In addition, the Chinese Government has failed in its commitment to abide by the World Trade Organisation by opening up and liberalising its banking system and media organisations.

And China has shown nothing but contempt for intellectual property rights, a situation that has enraged the US. Even when it comes to matters of public health that have the capability of affecting not only China but the world, the Government in Beijing has demonstrated a propensity to stall and obfuscate.

A week passed before the Chinese Government admitted to the massive benzene spill in the Songhua River that shut down Harbin's water. The more recent toxic spill in Sichuan showed no lesson had been learned: again, a week passed before any public announcement.

Outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome and then avian flu were initially denied and hidden. According to eyewitness accounts, when SARS broke out in China and the World Health Organisation brought in a team of disease experts for an inspection, SARS patients were packed into ambulances and driven around Beijing. They were only returned to the hospitals after the inspectors concluded Beijing was not under threat of SARS.

What assurance does Australia have that such tactics will not be employed to avoid detection of misuse of its uranium? What sort of inspection regime is needed to ensure the use of Australian uranium is not mismanaged?

Is China on the road to a "peaceful rise", as Communist Party leaders tell us? Its growing economy and huge domestic market dazzle the West, while its military build-up and reactionary political stance has prompted US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to warn of its potential as a negative force.

Historically, a newly emerging power often clashes with existing powers. In the Asia-Pacific region, the most likely zone of conflict is Taiwan, with its pro-independence leader repeatedly challenging the territorial integrity of the communist People's Republic.

Though not imminent, should such a conflict materialise and draw in the US, what would Australia do? Australia's long-standing security relationship with the US will be in conflict with its benign business relationship with China and Australia will be put to the test by both. By selling uranium to China, Australia is possibly backing the foe of an ally.

World War II was to a great extent caused by the appeasement of Nazi Germany by Britain and France. At the end of World War II, repeating Chamberlain's mistake, US president Franklin Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill signed the Yalta treaty with Stalin, in which the Soviet Union obtained an undeserved post-war position in East Asia.

With the continuation of this policy by the Truman administration, communist-led troops were given a free hand to sweep over mainland China. The US looked on without going to rescue its former wartime ally, Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek. To some extent, this incited Kim Il-sung's adventure in the Korean War for the unification of the whole peninsula. Thus took shape the Cold War of East-West confrontation, lasting 40-odd years. Today, a neo-appeasement is taking effect. In confronting the rise of China, the policies and performances of Western democracies are less than laudable. Western leaders, Australia among them, seek access to China's huge market and play down the significance of democratic principles and human rights, overlooking the suffering of the 1.3 billion people under Chinese totalitarianism.

Let us not forget China is a country where the private meetings of Christians in their homes are raided by the police; where there are reports Falun Gong practitioners are placed in barbed-wire camps and tortured; where an individual is sent to jail for seven to 10 years for doing nothing but posting internet messages about democracy.

The liberalising economic policy taking effect since the end of the 1970s has pushed China forward into an unprecedented period of high growth. Most Western observers believed political reform would inevitably follow.

Unfortunately, the present outlook for China is not positive. The injection of enormous amounts of capital has rescued the regime of the Chinese Communist Party; the high rate of economic growth has helped legitimise it and keep it in power. Have investments and other commercial activities in China impeded more urgent political reform?

During Premier Wen's visit to Australia, Prime Minister John Howard should let his counterpart witness the cut and thrust of question time in the House of Representatives to see first-hand how a democracy is supposed to work. And he should lobby Wen to make good use of his political clout to push forward the political reform agenda in China, so that China can enter the mainstream of world democracy and keep itself on the right side of history.

Chin Jin is a Chinese-born Australian citizen who is chairman of the Federation for a Democratic China (Australian division).

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Organ harvesting, war on terror, democracy and Communist China

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Mainstream media has finally broken their silence and the reports are coming in daily to expose the CCP's Sujiatun Organ Harvesting Death Camp especially set up to murder the Falun Gong. Nevertheless, the urgent support from the international community is much needed to stop this genocide. Please write to your government officials, the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, to name a few, ask them to officially condemn this atrocity, and to launch a full scale independant investigation. Relevant information and petition can be found here. For the latest reports, view the Epoch Times online.

Two speeches from top campaigner D.J. McGuire of China e-Lobby

Washington D.C. - 27 March 2006 - Sujiatun (and a few other things)

The following is the address yours truly gave to the rally at Lafayette Park earlier this afternoon to draw attention to the Sujiatun organ-harvesting death camp

Why do we gather here today?

We all know why we gather: to condemn the horrifying truth of Sujiatun, the camp created by the Chinese Communist Party to turn humans in organ banks, Falun Gong practitioners into ashes, and desperate patients into unwitting - or in some cases, well aware - accomplices in hideous torture and murder.

We gather to call for an end to a practice - the killing of practitioners and other dissidents for their organs - that is Auschwitzesque. While the number of dead and soon-to-be-dead is at present only 6,000, the combination of evil intent, lack of respect for human life, and assembly-line efficiency that fueled the Nazi concentration camps is, sadly, alive and well where the Chinese Communist Party rules, and is likely to remain so until the Chinese people take their country back from the Communist regime.

But why do we gather here? Why in the capital of what is arguably the most powerful nation on earth? Why in what many consider the epicenter of the democratic world?

For this answer, we must look beyond the United States, beyond Communist-controlled China, to the battle between the democratic world and the tyrannical forces it fights in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the globe. The latter have fallen under the bloody banner of "terrorism;" the main perpetrators are well known: al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the mullahcracy in Iran, the Assad family in Syria. What is not as well known is that all of these forces of evil - plus the northern Korean nightmare run by Kim Jong-il - have received aid and support from the Chinese Communist Party for years, including military and, in the case of the Iranian mullahs, even nuclear support.

Why do the Communists support terrorism in Central Asia, Eastern Asia, the Middle East, and anywhere else they can find it? They do so because they fear the freedom of the democratic world; they fear how the democratic world cherishes truth, love, and respect for others. Most of all, they fear the democratic world hearing about the evil that exists in Sujiatun, the violent state-sponsored slaughters of Hanyuan and Shanwei, and the callous, silent murder of those who have fallen ill from AIDS, SARS, and bird flu.

In short, the Communists know that so long as the democratic world exists, their crimes against the Chinese people can never be kept secret. So long as there is an America to show that the people can govern themselves, the Chinese people will demand the same. What Abraham Lincoln once said about an America split between slave state and free state, the Communists know to be true about a world split between free peoples and enslaved peoples: "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

This is why we have gathered here; for these truths mean two realities. One: the Chinese Communist Party and the democratic world cannot co-exist, for one to survive, the other must perish. However, this leads to another, more hopeful one: the Communists not only face Americans, Europeans, Japanese, and others in the democratic world. They also face practitioners, dissidents, appellants, unpaid laborers, and maltreated farmers.

We gather here, because the American and the Chinese peoples have a common cause against the CCP, but only together can they defeat it. Moreover, we will continue to gather here, as we must, until the American people put in place leaders that will take up this fight against the CCP, for America will never be secure until China is free.

We gather here because Sujiatun is not only an act of unspeakable evil, it is a warning to those in the democratic world of what this regime is trying to hide, and why it feels it must survive to hide it - at any cost. Let us heed this warning, and work together to ensure that it is the democratic world that prospers and the CCP that perishes.

Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.

14 March 2006 - We must face the darkest hours to see the dawn
by D.J. McGuire

The following is the statement yours truly would have delivered to the Lincoln Memorial (Washington, D.C.) rally on March 12 if I had been able to attend.

Today, we gather to express our outrage at the Sujiatun prison camp, so bravely exposed by the Japanese reporter, "Mr. R." The existence of this camp shocks us all, but it should surprise no one.

With 6,000 victims, the murder at Sujiatun does not yet compare with Auschwitz, Treblinka, or the Gulag Archipelag, to say nothing of the Mao's Great Leap Backward and the Cultural Revolution. However, the same combination of evil, contempt for human life, and assembly-line efficiency that fueled the death camps of the Nazis and the Soviets is there in Sujiatun. For this, the Chinese Communist Party must be treated as the pariah and enemy of humanity that it truly is.

However, the Communists have not limited their victims to Sujiatun, or even to Communist China. Their willingness to coverup the extent of SARS in 2003 allowed the disease to spread around the world. Today, we now know what we have long suspected: the Communists repeated this coverup with bird flu. The ramifications of that still have yet to be suffered.

Finally, but certainly not least of all, we have now seen the long arm of the Communist regime inflitrate the United States itself. The attack on Yuan Li, the numerous break-ins against Epoch Times staffers and officers, and now, possibly, the assassination of Allen Leung. While we do not yet no for certain why Mr. Leung died, it is quite plausible that he has become the first Communist casualty on American soil, and a frightening escalation of the Communists' plans to silence and intimidate the overseas Chinese people, in San Francisco, here, and around the world.

Yet, despite, all of this blood, despite this collection of horror and outrage, we gather here not in despair, or anger, but with hope; for we know that these grotesque actions are not signs of strength, but of desperation. They are not the actions of a secure regime, but of a regime well aware it is in a race against time, and that it is losing.

We know this because we know the truth about the "new socialist countryside." We see the verdict the Chinese people have given the regime in Hanyuan, Taishi, Shanwei, and throughout the rural interior. We know that the Nine Commentaries (on the Communist Party) have not only led more than one in every eight Communists to leave the party in disgust, but by that number alone, they have reached one in every 150 Chinese citizens. This means the Nine Commentaries has reached every village, every farm collective, and every high-rise apartment complex in Communist China. The truth is not only out there, it is everywhere.

This is why the Communists are killing their own people; it is why the Communists are working with the terrorist regimes around the globe: the Iranian mullahcracy, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, the Assad family, and al Qaeda itself. The Communists know they must destroy the democratic world before the truth destroys them. It is the only card they have left to play.

We in the democratic world must recognize this, and act accordingly. In order to defeat the Chinese Communist Party, we must isolate it, contain it, and undermine it. With the Nine Commentaries spreading faster than a Harbin chemical spill, the third plank is already in place. However, we must still isolate and contain the regime if we are to defeat and survive it.

By isolating the regime, I mean we must sever the economic ties that the Communists use to damage our economies and fatten their own pockets. That means an end to Permanent Normal Trade Relations. Normal Trade implies a normal government. The Chinese Communist Party, with organ harvesting killing camps, hidden epidemic victims left to die, and an unrivaled record of support for terrorists and other anti-American regimes, is many things; normal is not one of them.

This also means the regime cannot be allowed to enjoy the propaganda bonanza that is the 2008 Olympic Games. The Games must be moved out of Communist China, or barring that, the democratic world must boycott them in favor of its own, Communist-free competition. The values of Lenin, Mao, and Jiang Zemin are completely incompatible with those of the Olympic spirit.

Finally, this means the democratic world must be prepared to stand together against the Communist menace. The Bush Administration has started well here, by rebuilding the alliance with Japan, and creating a new one with democratic India. From these alliances, a ring of freedom including South Korea and Taiwan can not only surround Communist China and protect the rest of the democratic world, but it can also serve as a constant beacon to the Chinese people, an endless reminder that liberty need not only be ours, but can be theirs too. This three-part strategy - isolation, containment, and undermining - can lead to a free China.

I know many of you have heard the motto: it's always darkest before the dawn. My friends, the dawn of freedom is coming to China, but first, we must get through the dark hours together. The democratic world and the Chinese people must rely on each other, build upon our own strengths, and remain vigilant against our common enemy: the Chinese Communist Party. If we do, we will indeed see the end of that regime, and China will take its rightful place in the democratic world.

So from Sujiatun to San Francisco, let us take these outrages for what they are: the dangerous but desperate flailings of a dying regime. However, let us also remember that with each day that regime limps along, more people will die. Thus let us add not anger, but urgency to our mission; let us not despair, but double our efforts to bring freedom to China, security to America, and peace to the globe.

Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

UN envoy urges to end prisoner "re-education"

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Torture still widespread in China but help is on the way?

It's clear that Nowak was taken through a glossy corridor when he visited the jails in Communist China last year--he mentioned in his report "although basic conditions in detention facilities appeared to be satisfactory"... The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) will never reveal the true picture to outsiders--how could they incriminate themselves to that extent? This showtour had been prepared (and was postponed) for years. Now the burning question is: will anybody listen to Nowak's wise recommendations? Meanwhile look here to read about the real horrible conditions of the Chinese Laogai.

GENEVA, (Reuters) 23 March 2006 - The United Nations investigator on torture has called on China to abolish its "re-education through labour" system, charging that it treated political prisoners in an inhumane and degrading way.

Manfred Nowak, U.N. special rapporteur on torture, also urged authorities to release all political prisoners and people held for exercising their right to freedom of speech, assembly and religion.

His report, covering a rare two-week visit late last year, reiterates his charge that torture is widespread in China -- home to the world's biggest prison population. China has denied abuse and torture charges made by Nowak in December and asked the U.N. envoy to think again.

The 59-page report, posted on the Web site, goes further in its strongly worded recommendations than statements made by him at the end of that trip.

"'Re-education through Labour' and similar forms of forced re-education in prisons, pre-trial detention centres and psychiatric hospitals should be abolished," Nowak wrote.

Groups targeted for re-education were political activists, members of Tibetan and Uighur ethnic minorities and practitioners of Falun Gong, the spiritual group which Beijing outlawed in 1999, according to the Austrian law professor.

Nowak visited 10 detention facilities, holding private interviews with about 30 detainees of his choice.

Many reported that the unjust deprivation of their liberty together with the forced re-education system "caused more severe pain and suffering than the physical torture they might have endured during interrogation by the police", he said.

"Indeed, some of these measures of re-education through coercion, humiliation and punishment aim at altering the personality of detainees up to the point of even breaking their will," Nowak said.

This constituted "a form of inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, which is incompatible with the core values of any democratic society based upon a culture of human rights".

Nowak also said that although basic conditions in detention facilities appeared satisfactory, he was struck by a "palpable level of fear and self-censorship when talking to detainees".

However, he had "full cooperation" from the government during the visit which the United Nations had sought since 1995.

His report was submitted to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, but will be taken up by its successor body, the new U.N. Human Rights Council, which opens in Geneva in June.

BEIJING (Japan Economic Newswire) 21 March 2006 - The United Nations special rapporteur for torture recommends in a report released Tuesday that China set free eight prisoners serving time for political crimes.

On a 12-day China trip last year, the first ever by someone holding his position, Rapporteur Manfred Nowak met with four inmates in Beijing Prison No. 2, three in Lhasa Prison No. 1 and one in the Urumqi Prison No. 3 who indicated they had been incarcerated for political crimes, possibly based on information obtained under torture, Nowak's 30,900-word report says, calling for their immediate release.

The Urumqi inmate is Nur Mohammat Yasin, an ethnic Uyghur and author of the book Wild Pigeon. Nowak says he was beaten about the nose. He is serving a 10-year sentence for inciting separatism in the book.

Nowak also appealed for the release of activist and permanent U.S. resident Yang Jianli, who was beaten and handcuffed for two weeks before receiving a five-year sentence in Beijing for espionage and illegal border crossing.

Two former journalists, a Chinese Democratic Party member, and three ethnic Tibetans were also recommended for release.

"Since he has been convicted of a political crime, possibly on the basis of information extracted by torture, the special rapporteur appeals to the government that he be released," Nowak writes in each of the eight cases.

Nowak also suggests warm clothes, appointment of an English-speaking lawyer and family contact for Evance Orphan Minison, a Malawi citizen detained in Urumqi since June 2005 on drug charges.

However, 66 percent of the 314 torture cases he has tracked in China since 2000 involved practitioners of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, the report says.

Ethnic Uyghurs accounted for 11 percent of the cases, human rights activists for 5 percent and political dissidents for 2 percent.

Shortly before the end of his Nov. 20-Dec. 2 China visit, Nowak told reporters that torture had declined in the country, especially in urban areas, but that it remained "widespread."

He said Chinese authorities tried to block his contact with alleged torture victims and their supporters or family members, and the report details some of those encounters.

Officials from the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Public Security have rejected Nowak's accusations.

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Nowak's report contains "some outstanding problems" such as incomplete information, misunderstandings of Chinese law, "unfair" conclusions and comments that go beyond the rapporteur's authority.

"We have expressed regret and dissatisfaction that the rapporteur could not in all aspects objectively reflect China's real situation of opposing torture," Qin said at a scheduled press briefing.

Sujiatun Death Camp's Darkest Secrets Revealed

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From "Live Bone Marrow Theft" to Sujiatun Concentration Camp

More chilling news on the Sujiatun Death Camp set up by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) key criminals, especially to harvest organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. Let's stop this genocide in its tracks--sign a petition here. For some of the latest reports on Sujiatun go here. If you're interested in knowing more about the CCP's ideology of killing take a look at the shocking 7th Commentary on the Communist Party, namely the part on cannibalism. You are sure to be stunned.

It has been revealed that Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan jointly established the Sujiatun Concentration Camp to persecute Falun Gong. The National Security Bureau under Zeng Qinghong is also involved. Some doctors conducted live experiments, and some high-ranking CCP officials use Falun Gong practitioners' brains as nutritional supplements. (full report below) 23 March 2006 - The theft of bone marrow from an unsuspecting patient at the Shenyang Medical University's Fengtian Hospital, also called the No. 8 People's Hospital of Shenyang City or Central Hospital Affiliated with Shenyang Medical University, has been publicly exposed. According to the source, a patient with severe leg injury from a car accident was brought to the surgery ward at Fengtian Hospital in Shenyang City. The patient was under general anesthesia during the operation. A doctor from anther division carried a special needle, took a considerable amount of bone marrow from the patient and then left the operating room. The surgery resumed as usual. Theft of patients' bone marrow is an open secret at this hospital!

This incident involves a regular patient, but it reveals the cold-bloodedness and unspeakable brutality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Judging by the CCP's greed-driven, sinister nature, this cannot be an isolated case! Evidence shows proof.

The CCP set up a Nazi-style secret concentration camp in Sujiatun, where about 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners were held. After the practitioners are murdered and have their organs harvested and sold for profit, their bodies are burned in the crematorium to destroy the evidence. An investigative report by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) published on March 15 verified that there is indeed a large "market" for human organs in the Sujiatun District, Shenyang City in Liaoning Province. A systematic operation has been established and put in place at this death camp, from the death camp that holds "organ supplier" prisoners, well organized tissue-type matching service, organ removal operations, to disposal of the corpses. This macabre business extends all the way to the hospitals that are the final customers for these organs. The Falun Gong practitioners whose organs were harvested were arrested without any due legal process and completely isolated from society. No one knows their whereabouts. Their bodies are immediately cremated after their organs are harvested so that no traces are left behind.

The investigation results shows that organ harvesting was done live. Because the entire procedure was extremely cruel, a high percentage of doctors and other medical professionals who were involved in this operation developed severe mental disorders, some of them leading to suicide. It has been revealed that Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan jointly established the Sujiatun Concentration Camp to persecute Falun Gong. The National Security Bureau under Zeng Qinghong is also involved. Some doctors conducted live experiments, and some high-ranking CCP officials use Falun Gong practitioners' brains as nutritional supplements.

As stated above, the bone marrow theft took place at Shenyang Medical University's Fengtian Hospital. Falun Gong practitioners' organs are sold in Sujiatun, Shenyang City. It is all happening in Shenyang City. It's difficult to imagine the evil nature of the CCP using a human mind. Since the CCP's regime is even capable of murdering the practitioners, removing their organs and burning their bodies, is it likely that they took bone marrow from the practitioners?

The CCP is so ruthless, operates outside any laws, and it stole bone marrow from an ordinary person, so is it then also possible that it is capable of using the same method to violate Falun Gong practitioners? Since it could even do things like selling human organs and disposing of bodies, based on CCP's evil nature, is it then difficult to imagine that agents of the CCP secretly stole or openly removed Falun Gong practitioners' bone marrow on a large scale and a frequent basis? Is there an even bigger and darker secret hidden behind the bone marrow theft incident?

The gods will not allow demons to do excessive evil. People's actions or non-actions will all impact their futures. We hope people who know the truth quickly expose the details, because it is no coincidence that the gods let you know the details. It is the gods' hope that you fulfill your mission. We also hope justice-supporting international organizations and all people would pay urgent attention to the more than 2,000 living beings that are still being illegally detained at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. Their organs can be harvested and their bodies burnt at any moment!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

More evidence on Sujiatun Death Camp


As more evidence keeps coming in and with many rallies around the world exposing this atrocity, it would be great if mainstream media could recognize this horror and start reporting on it too. Meanwhile, we're doing all we can to spread the word. To view more pictures of the death camp look here
. WOIPFG's investigation report can be found here. Go here to sign a petition . Sign an appeal letter to stop the Concentration Camp here and send to a friend. 20 March 2006 -Witness Continues to Reveal the Horrors of Organs Removal from Live Falun Gong Practitioners Inside Sujiatun Concentration Camp

"My ex-husband did cornea removal. At the beginning, he didn't know whether those people had been granted permission. People who were on operation tables were not conscious. They were alive. He knew it after performing a few. He said that the person who asked him to do this kind of thing told him: you are already on this boat. Killing one is murder. Killing several is also murder. He said that later on he also knew that the people were alive. Where the organs and corpse were sent, he didn't ask." ---- Witness

Another interview was conducted with the witness who came forward several days ago to reveal details regarding the Sujiatun concentration camp in Northeast China. In this interview the witness revealed that her ex-husband was one of the main surgeons in the concentration camp. He is a brain surgeon, and was mainly in charge of cornea removal. Because of the horrifying character of live organ removal and the burning of corpses, the witness and her family have had destructive life experiences. Every time she recalls events in Sujiatun, she endures indescribable pain. It is almost impossible for people in the outside world to imagine the degree of suffering those Falun Gong practitioners went through inside the camp.

The following is the translation of the conversation between the reporter and the witness:

Reporter: How did you know that all detainees at Sujiatun were Falun Gong practitioners?

Answer: They are all Falun Gong practitioners. For other people, they have relatives. Relatives would come to ask for family members. Only when Falun Gong practitioners are sent here, their families don't know. Masanjia and Dabei prisons detain a lot of Falun Gong practitioners. Now there are not that many any more. Everyday people are released. Where were these Falun Gong practitioners sent?

Those Falun Gong practitioners who were detained in Sujiatun, they had refused to sign a letter saying that they wouldn't practice Falun Gong any more. Many protested via hunger strike. They were very weak due to not having food.

Everyone was given a piece of paper. If you wouldn't practice Falun Gong, put your fingerprint on the paper, you would be released immediately. Once a person went out of where the practitioners were detained, the people inside didn't know where they went. They thought that these people were released. Or they were told that these people were taken to other hospitals for treatment. Those who were taken out were usually first beaten until they lost consciousness. Then anesthetic would be injected.

Reporter: According to the official web site of the Shenyang City legal system, the Sujiatun hospital organized in 2000 all Chinese communist party cadres to study the decision to persecute Falun Gong.

Answer : I didn't know about this. Sometimes my ex-husband lived in the hospital dorm. He usually didn't mention that kind of thing to me. He would simply call home and say he was busy, and then he wouldn't come home.

My ex-husband knew they were Falun Gong practitioners. Every surgeon knew it. At that time, they were told that persecuting Falun Gong was not counted as a crime. Instead, it was "cleaning" for the Chinese communist party. Those on the operation table were either mentally destroyed or had lost consciousness. Major targets of cornea removal were the elderly and children.

Many Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a one-story residential house in the hospital. This house was dismantled in 2003. We guessed that there was an unknown basement. They will not admit there was once the one-story residential house. They might say that it was built for peasant workers or the homeless.

My ex-husband was also worried that someday he would be killed for the purpose of destroying evidence. So he went abroad. Other people knew he wouldn't dare to speak out.

Reporter: Over the years, no relatives came to ask for family members?

Answer : During 2001 and 2003, only one peasant came to ask whether his family members were detained here. It was all secret. Nobody knew. When people were arrested, there was no paperwork. When people were released, there was no paperwork either.

Persecution is persecution. It is against humanity. As a Chinese, I feel quite sad. This is Chinese killing Chinese. It's unlike the slaughter in Nanjing when the Japanese invaded China. This is killing our own fellow people. No matter whether they practice Falun Gong or not, they are our fellow people. This is very brutal.

Reporter: How could the Sujiatun Concentration Camp remain so secret?

Answer : Because several people share the profit. So they won't tell others. This room here can hold at least 100 people. You know, when Falun Gong practitioners are detained, they are not allowed any private space. All are packed together. Maybe one goes to the toilet and comes back; one will not find any space any more. Many Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a one-story residential house in the hospital. This house was dismantled in 2003. We guessed that there was an unknown basement. A living room of a regular U.S. house can easily hold 100 people. Our hospital is very large. They will not admit there was once that one-story residential house. They might say that it was built for peasant workers or the homeless.

Reporter: Do you think Chi Mingyu, the head of the Sujiatun hospital, knew about this?

Answer : I think he should know.

Reporter: This is a concentration camp in a public location?

Answer : It's semi-public. Everyone has heard of this hospital. It's quite famous. However, people who don't have heart or thrombi diseases usually won't come to the hospital. So it's not an entirely public location either.

Sujiatun is a suburban district of Shenyang. It is like a rural area. Whether other hospitals in the Sujiatun District did the same thing, I don't know. Staff in the public health system can rotate within the system freely.

We found that supplies in the hospital suddenly increased. We guessed: what are so many people coming for? I commuted to work by a shuttle. We didn't care so much. We also didn't know whether Falun Gong was good or bad.

Reporter: How did you know about the live organ removal?

Answer : During the 2003 Chinese New Year, people visited each other for the New Year. For example, they gathered to play Chinese chess, or Mahjong. When they chatted, they talked a little bit about this kind of thing. I knew that my family had easy money, but didn't know the source. Later on, my ex-husband told me about this.

My ex-husband is a quite talented brain surgeon. Many heads of hospitals wanted him to work at their hospitals. It was easy to use him. He's smart. He knew how to obtain money.

When he joined the Sujiatun hospital, he was an intern doctor. Very soon, he was promoted to surgeon. Starting from 2003, I noticed that he was often absent-minded. For example, he watched TV holding a sofa pillow. When I shut off the TV, he would not notice.

At the beginning, my ex-husband simply said he wanted to find another job. I was very surprised: Why? We are having a good life here at Sujiatun. Gradually, he started sweating at night and having nightmares. When he would wake up, the bed sheet would be soaked with his sweat in a human shape. I asked him whether his job was too stressful. Sometimes he had long discussions with my father in our reading room. He said he wanted to change jobs and asked my father to help him. However, for some reason, nobody in our family helped him switch his job.

Finally, I couldn't tolerate any more. I asked him. Then he told me this. My friend witnessed Falun Gong practitioners detained in Sujiatun. Everyone knew that a lot of Falun Gong practitioners were sent from Masanjia and Dabei prisons. We didn't mind thinking about it. A lot of people who work at Sujiatun are from families of high-ranking cadres. We have formed this habit since very young: Do not ask anything that's not relevant to us.

The brother of one of my classmates went overseas in 2002 shortly after he participated in this business. He left after performing a few operations.

Reporter: What kind of operations did your ex-husband do?

Answer : My ex-husband did cornea removal. At the beginning, he didn't know whether those people had been granted permission. People who were on operation tables were not conscious. They were alive. He knew it after performing a few. How could there be so many people who donated their corneas? He said that the person who asked him to do this kind of thing told him: you are already on this boat. Killing one is murder. Killing several is also murder. He said that later on he also knew that the people were alive. Where the organs and corpse were sent, he didn't ask.

The he developed a retribution. He was even very nervous when driving. He could not live a normal life.

By 2003, many people in the public health bureau knew about it. Not only family members knew, even some outsiders knew about it.

My ex-husband told me that those patients who needed kidneys were in other hospitals. The kidney would be removed in the Sujiatun hospital. He didn't know much about the aftermath. Maybe corpses were sent to Sujiatun crematorium or the incinerator.

A person would not have cornea removal only. Very possibly, other organs would be removed from this person as well. This was no different than murder. When surgeons deviate a little bit, their knives are killing people.

I divorced because of this. If it had been extra-marital affairs, maybe I could still tolerate it. The fact that he could tell me this indicated that he had a little conscience left. If he hadn't told me, I wouldn't have believed it. He told me this with his own mouth. Nobody would say that he did something like this.

Reporter: Were there any other surgeons?

Answer: There are other surgeons. My ex-husband is a brain surgeon. It's not possible that he does kidney removal.

Reporter: Did those who were part of it feel that they did wrong things?

Answer : Between life and money, some people choose money. After I knew this, I told my ex-husband: "Your entire life is ruined. You will not be able to hold surgical knives any more." When you perform an operation for people, you will remember things you did in the past. I am not the surgeon. Even so, whenever I talk about this, I'm trembling and afraid.

Later, after my ex-husband completed procedures for going abroad, he had to explain to me why he had to leave. I told him that you could only choose things prior to this [live organ removal], but not anything after this.

I don't practice Falun Gong. I am not so noble. I did not come to the U.S. from so far-away to expose this to the world. My friend told me to travel to the U.S. to cheer me up. He told me that America is a country that emphasizes human rights. It's a free country. He said that you could speak out your experiences here. People think that I divorced because my ex-husband wanted to go abroad, and I didn't want to go. Others were not happy with me. They asked me why I divorced my ex-husband, and that he was such a good man.

Now we expose this to the world. At least a portion of people there can still survive. I don't care if they admit it or not. Exposing it will deter these evil actions.

I think for those who have read this news, if they have missing relatives, they should gather together and demand an explanation from relevant government agencies. When people disappear, they are either dead or crazy. Otherwise, they will find a way to send a message home.

The Shenyang Morning News reported on the 11th that a peasant worker was cremated without a family signature. The person is already cremated. Who knows whether the organs have already been removed?

I saw that there was a confession from a spy. There will be a confession from a doctor. He doesn't have to reveal his name. However, he can spread the information. Anyone who has done this kind of things feels the burden of guilt.

Brief Introduction of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp

Sujiatun is one of the nine districts governed by Shenyang City. It is a satellite city 15 kilometers to the South of Shenyang City. The Sujiatun Concentration Camp is also called National Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Thrombus Treatment Center. The address is 49 Xuesong Road,Sujiatun District,Shenyang City,Liaoning Province,China. It is also called Liaoning Thrombus Treatment Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. It was built in 1998.