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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Canadians join worldwide hunger Strike to protest Communist China's recent attack on human rights defenders

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Hunger Strike to coincide with the CCP's annual National People's Congress meeting

Courageous Gao was detained early this Saturday morning and released after a couple of hours according to lawyer in exile Guo Guoting. A few weeks ago, an Epoch Times reporter asked Gao, who launched the hunger strike one month ago, about the danger of being attacked by the CCP, and he replied:

I don't want to think about that; indeed a lot of people remind me that, "you are getting more and more in danger!" I asked them, "Why do you think so? What is the representation of danger?" Many friends have told me that the CCP is going to arrest and kill me."

If you take "arresting you and killing you" as danger, you are in danger all of the time, yet when we do not view that as a danger, the danger is not there, and there is no danger.

Since the Chinese communist regime seized power, how many millions of people have been killed? Every day, there are large numbers of people being arrested and killed; one more arrested, one more killed is something very normal.

I believe that it is against the will of heaven for the Chinese communist regime to arrest me. Although the Chinese communist regime often runs against the will of heaven, I have not done anything wrong. Who is doing wrong? Who should be arrested? The Chinese communist regime and its band of criminals should be arrested. "

You can join the rights defenders 24-hour hunger strike at home or in a public place by posting your name here--this effort highlights positive winds of change taking place in Communist China as we speak.

Canadian MP Rob Anders, who was once assaulted on Parliament Hill by Consulate officials for speaking up about China's repressive regime, said in a letter of support: "The rolling hunger strike...brings attention to this situation and puts the Communist Party of China on alert that no matter how ruthlessly they attempt to crush liberty, the will of the people is stronger than that of oppression."

It's time to pay attention to Communist China and hold the CCP responsible for their crimes against humanity. Let's take advantage of the momentum and give the Chinese people a chance to liberate themselves from this hopeless repressive regime.

Toronto/Vancouver 04 March 2006 - Starting March 5th, Sunday night at 8pm EST Torontonians and Vancouverites (5 pm) will join tens of thousands of people in Asia, North America and Europe for a symbolic 24-hour hunger strike to protest the Chinese communist regimes worsening human rights and their recent violent attacks to silence journalists and lawyers who strive to protect Human Rights in China. They also call on the international community to take action and to pay critical attention to China's human rights situation. The protest will coincide with the regimes annual National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Recently over 51 human rights lawyers, writers and journalists were secretly kidnapped, beaten severely or illegally shut down and threatened by the Chinese regime for wanting to defend citizens wronged by the communist regime.

Ms. Sheng Xue renowned Human Rights Activist and winner of The Canadian Association for Journalists Award for Investigative Journalism is organizing the Canada protest. “We the people of the world who hold human respect and the ideal for the protection of human rights, have agreed to hold 24-hour hunger strikes to call on the international community, world democratic governments, human rights organizations, media and all kind-hearted people to strongly protest the Chinese Communist Party’s abuse of state power to persecute its citizens

“Our hunger strike protest is out of absolute necessity, as our compatriots in China are risking their very lives to protect the rights of fellow human beings by an evil, criminal regime. With one mind, we state our support for those Chinese human rights lawyers who have, in recent years, supported civil rights under extreme hardships.”

We strongly call for:

1. The immediate release of all illegally monitored or detained writers and journalists, and lawyers.

2. The immediate reinstatement of all human rights lawyers who have had their law offices closed.

3. The immediate release of all those illegally detained and sentenced to imprisonment and forced labor, including Christians, Catholics, Falun Gong practitioners and other believers.

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