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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rally in support of Jia Jia

Speech to the Rally

Jia Jia First Chinese Official to Publicly Quit the Communist Party Seeks Asylum

Vancouver BC Chinatown

Sunday October 29, 2006

Mr. Jia Jia is the general secretary of China Shanxi Science and Technology Experts's Association and legal representative. He is also a member of the board directors of Gold Experts's Services Co. Ltd, the director of National Experts Network Centre, the leader of the Strategy Team for the Chinese Experts Committee.

Jia is a dedicated activist for freedom and democracy in China. That is the reason why he has never joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or any of its organizations. For the last couple of years, he has distributed the book Nine Commentaries of the Chinese Communist Party and told the true nature of the CCP to the Chinese people.

Jia defected October 23 during a trip to Taiwan, but due to intense CCP pressure on the Taiwanese government and other unknown reasons, the Taiwan government did not grant him asylum. At the press conference held on Friday in Hong Kong, where he was deported, Jia stated he would consider going to any country willing to provide a safe environment for him, and that he wishes to continue his work overseas to help China move forward to democracy.

He sought to leave China to publicly urge all CCP members to abandon and withdraw from the party. He also said he wished to confirm for the public the reality of the great current of withdrawals from the CCP, with 14 million people having renounced the party and its related organizations.

"The fact that 14 million people have renounced the CCP makes me feel compelled to step out," Jia said. "Because I have seen that the 'Quitting the CCP' website has been repeatedly telling the same story. What story? The website has been explaining to the public that the number of people posted on the website who have quit the CCP is real.

"I am doing this because many countries and many governments have refused to believe the reality behind the number and refuse to believe that such a campaign is indeed going on."

Chinese history proves that it is impossible for the CCP to realize democracy in China. The essence of the CCP determines its character of dictatorship, use of violence, cheating, suppression and terrorism.

Jia is resolute to promote democracy in China no matter what the cost and encourages people to take action. He stated that many communist party members want to have democracy in China and he is confident that it can be realized--the CCP is nearing its end.

As we all know, the famous Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhi Sheng who promoted freedom in China has been widely supported by the righteous people of the world. Nevertheless, he was still arrested by the CCP recently. From his case, we can see that CCP has reached its extreme, as it turns a blind eye to international attention and human rights.

However, Jia’s situation is very critical. He can only stay in Hong Kong for 7 days until his transit visa expires on November 2nd at which time he will be returned to China. If he is deported back to China, his life will be at risk--he may be sent to prison with a life sentence or even receive the death penalty.

Last year, in Shi Jia Zhuang, Ms. Sun Li was sentenced to 5 years in prison for merely owning a copy of the Nine Commentaries. On January 24th the Public Security Bureau launched the "National Public Security Persecutes Falun Gong for distributing Nine Commentaries Act," making ownership of the book a crime.

Jia has already become one of the key players in the Chinese democracy movement. If he is persecuted by the CCP, then the democracy movement in China will be impacted. Other democracy activists will lose their confidence.

We appeal to the governments of the world to rescue Jia Jia-- for the sake of humanity, freedom and democracy. For the people who love freedom and democracy please support Jia immediately. We appeal especially to the Hong Kong government to protect Jia and support his democratic agenda so that democracy can be achieved in China.

You may call/fax/email to:

UNHCR Field Office in Hong Kong and China
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