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Friday, October 12, 2007

Peking University Hospital Confirms Live Skin Transplant Banks

Oc 10, 2007

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On September 20, 2007, a Sound of Hope Radio reporter called the Dermatology Department at the Peking University (PKU) People's Hospital to inquire about a skin transplant. The doctor he spoke with revealed that live skin of the required type is delivered immediately to the hospital from the skin bank.

A doctor from the Transplant Division of the Department, Dr. Li, told the reporter if he needed skin from a third party, there is a state-run live skin bank that can provide a matching donor. Dr. Li also mentioned the skin comes from young living individuals. The following is the recording:

Reporter: "Do you have skin from death-row prisoners?"

Dr. Li: "You mean allograft skin (skin flap from another person)?"

Reporter: "Yes."

Dr. Li: "Of course we do. We have a bank for skin grafts like that."

Reporter: "How does the bank work?"

Dr. Li: "Our skin bank stores skin grafts from living persons only. It doesn't take skin from dead people because the cells are dead and it will be useless to plant it in your body. The skin grafts are kept in a liquid culture media and will stay alive for 24 fours."

Reporter: "I want skin from a young healthy individual, is it possible?"

Dr. Li: "Definitely."

Dr. Li also revealed: "The skin banks are supplied by a national network. We order a specific type of skin and it will be delivered immediately from one of the banks. All the banks are integrated and belong to a network approved by the government. There are eight skin banks in the country, one of them is located right here in Hebei Province."

This live skin bank interview revealed by the PKU People's Hospital matches the results of an investigation of an international organization. This interview proves that there is a large live organ transplant bank organized by the government. The Chinese government is accused of removing live organs from Falun Gong practitioners or death row prisoners to supply national organ transplantation.

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