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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Communist thugs and spies pretend to be Falun Gong practitioners to create hatred

By Tan Hohua
The Epoch Times Staff
Jun 03, 2008

(The Epoch Times)

FLUSHING, New York City—Two weeks after the Chinese Consulate initiated its attack on Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New York, local residents are changing their attitudes. After watching from the sidelines, they have become disgusted with the behavior of the thugs and the mobs.

The contrast between the violent mob and the peaceful persistence of the Falun Gong practitioners makes the attacks difficult to carry on, so the assailants have resorted to an old communist tactic.

When Falun Gong practitioners were holding a rally in Flushing on May 31, several Chinese people wearing yellow T-shirts pretended to be Falun Gong practitioners. They were seen close to the rally, falsely claiming that Falun Gong practitioners think that the Chinese people deserved the earthquake in Sichuan as their retribution, and that the earthquake victims died because of their karma. The imposters ran away when their scheme was exposed.

The approaching anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre should be a reminder—the communists used the same tactic 19 years ago.

Before the massacre was carried out on June 4, 1989, the communist regime dispatched large numbers of spies and secret police to mingle among the participants in the democratic movement in Beijing. Violent thugs smashed military vehicles, stole weapons, and even burned the corpses of two captured soldiers. The video record of their violence has been used to brainwash the Chinese people into accepting the military assault as a necessary crackdown.

Such a tactic may be successful when carried out in an environment where the state controls the media, and outside information is blocked. The majority of Chinese people believe what they have been told by the regime: that no students were killed by the military. They believe that several soldiers were killed by mobs when they tried to quash the student riots.

According to Falun Gong practitioners, in current times there have been fake practitioners displaying banners expressing anti-China sentiments by saying that the country itself will be destroyed by Heaven, while the banner normally displayed by Falun Gong practitioners distinguishes between the Communist Party and the nation of China, stating "Heaven Will Extinguish the Chinese Communist Party." In Chinese, the two banners have a difference of only one word.

Pretending to be a Falun Gong sympathizer or a former practitioner is another trick. The spies spread rumors among overseas Chinese through avenues controlled by the regime: Chinese student and scholar e-mail groups, overseas Chinese media, and overseas Chinese associations and Internet forums. Their common pitch is, "I was sympathetic to Falun Gong before, but ..." and then they fill in with one of the many lies the Communist regime has generated.

A former spy who wants to remain anonymous disclosed to The Epoch Times that the trick described above was highly recommended in the regime's "Internal Training Class" because it is very effective in confusing the general public: "It is pretty easy to tell these people apart because they don't know too much about Falun Gong. They just follow orders; therefore, they [all] talk the same way," the former spy said.

One source inside China disclosed to The Epoch Times that what happened in Flushing is only a small part of a grand plan of Zhou Yongkang, the head of the regime's spy system. His purpose is to kill two birds with one stone—shifting people's focus away from whether the regime had received earthquake predictions but had failed to warn the general public, and inciting people's hatred towards Falun Gong and the media that support Falun Gong, such as The Epoch Times.

The source also disclosed that the regime is currently testing the waters in New York. If successful, the plan will be carried out in other places. Almost all the Chinese embassies and consulates in Japan, Britain, Canada and other places are preparing for this task.

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