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Friday, October 10, 2008

Is the Liberal Party Platform modeled after the Chinese government?

Georgia Straight: I was distressed to hear statements made by some Liberal Candidates, namely Wendy Yuan (Van-Kingsway) and others, who have been telling people at various town hall meetings that the Liberals have a policy of not interfering with China’s internal affairs when it comes to human rights issues and stopping the persecution of Falun Gong for example, now in its ninth year. Their view of Falun Gong is that it is a criminal organization and a domestic issue.

Sounds familiar? That is also the same line used over and over by the communist regime whenever anyone wants to investigate their human rights violations—they always dodge the question by using the excuse that oh ‘it’s internal affairs’.

One may wonder if this Liberal approach is deliberately done to favour the interests of China over the concerns of Canadian voters and I'm afraid that the answer is YES. Just keep in mind that this is the same regime that exports deadly products to Canada and tainted milk being the latest of a string of scandals and the worst one yet. This is the same regime that covered up SARs which killed at least 40 Canadians. The list of cover-ups is too long for me to name them all here.

Somebody should tell the Liberals that China is a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and so is Canada. Which means in a nutshell that Canada has a responsibility to try and stop such crimes against humanity as the persecution of Falun Gong under the UN Declaration. After all human rights are universal, not 'internal affairs'.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria, BC

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