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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rally and Grand Parade Celebrate Falun Dafa Day in Hong Kong

Epoch Times Staff May 13, 2009

Falun Gong practitioners of Hong Kong celebrate World Falun Dafa Day and wish Mr. Li Hongzhi a happy birthday. (Li Ming/Epoch Times)
World Falun Dafa Day
HONG KONG May 13, 2009 is the tenth anniversary of the World Falun Dafa Day, and the seventeenth anniversary of Falun Gong being taught to the public. Also, it is the fifty-eighth birthday of Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong staged a grand assembly and parade on Sunday, May 10. Many local people, mainlanders, and foreign tourists stopped to watch along the parade route.

According to the coordinator of the event, because Hong Kong is so close to mainland China, we hope that by having this event, they will want to tell their fellow Chinese in the mainland: "Falun Dafa is wonderful." In the meantime, they hope that more people will learn the facts and then step up to stop the Chinese Communist Party's persecution.

The harmonious music of the Falun Gong exercises rises over the Recreation Complex at Cheung Sha Wan in Kowloon at 10 am, as hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners start their group exercises there.

The resounding music of the Divine Land Marching band played during the afternoon marking the start of the celebration activities.

The Divine Land Marching Band parades through Hong Kong. (Li Ming/Epoch Times)

Mr. Leung, a local resident came specially for the events. “I have participated many times!” he said, and he felt that “truthfulness-compassion-forbearance” is rooted in practitioners' hearts, so they're in perfect order. “Since there are Falun Gong practitioners, not only is there hope in China, but hope in the entire world. As long as the CCP still exists, the world won't be very promising,” he commented emotionally.

Tourist from Mainland China: 'Stunning! Super!'

Around 2 pm, the grand parade started with the Divine Land Marching Band, they routed through the busiest streets in Kowloon. All the practitioners in the float held all kinds of banners and flags, which drew attention from many local residents and tourists. Many tourists from mainland China expressed their surprise. A young female tourist told the reporter: “I am from the mainland, and have never seen this before, I feel stunned!” the other female tourist holding up Falun Gong related fliers and a DVD said happily: “Super!” and added few times: “I support Falun Gong!”
The parade drew the attention of Hong Kongers. (Li Ming/Epoch Times)

Many people took pictures behind the scenes along the route. A young tourist from mainland China said excitedly: “I have never seen this in mainland China, it's my first time even in Hong Kong, this is very exciting, very interesting!” A senior tourist said: “It's a liberal and democratic society in Hong Kong, you can say whatever you want, people have freedom.”

A lady holding a child said she believed in her heart: “It's different in mainland China, and Hong Kong is different (from China), I feel they are two different worlds.” She also said that she's supportive of Falun Gong's peaceful efforts to stop the persecution.

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