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Monday, June 01, 2009

Regime Autocracy the Cause of Violence Against Attorneys

By Fu Ming & Yu Lin
Sound of Hope Radio
Jun 1, 2009 via Epoch Times

Beijing lawyers Zhang Kai and Li Chunfu were beaten by Chongqing police because they defended a Falun Gong adherent. (The Epoch Times)

Mr. Du Guang, former Deputy Director of Theory Research of the Party School under the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, recently spoke to Sound of Hope Radio International about the latest incident involving attorneys being beaten by police. He said, “These two lawyers were beaten by the police because of their responsibility to pursue justice. It fully reflects the atrocious nature of the authoritarian regime.”

Beijing attorneys, Li Chunfu and Zhang Kai, were illegally arrested and beaten by Chungqing police on May 13. They were handling the mysterious death case of Jiang Xiqing, a Falun Gong practitioner.

Mr. Du indicated, “The two lawyers went to Chungqing to investigate the case. It was a normal legal procedure. But instead, they were met with violent beating from police. This is unbelievable.”

On May 17, 60 lawyers and legal experts held a forum to support the two lawyers involved in the case. Mr. Du also commented that the Bar Association had failed to represent the lawyers and conduct legal business according to law.

He said, “The Bar Association is an organization for the lawyers to reflect attorneys’ needs and rights. In fact, rather than to protect the profession, many Bar Associations have become the regime’s tools to suppress the lawyers and ignore lawyers’ rights. I disagree with this phenomenon.”

Mr. Du also blamed the regime’s autocracy for numerous attorneys’ troubles during applications for Bar examination and licensing registration. He said, “This is exactly the atrocious nature of the regime.”

Falun Gong practitioner Jiang Xiqing died in Chungqing Labor Camp. The medical report concluded the cause of death as acute heart attack. However, the autopsy identified breakages in the left 4th, 5th, and 6th ribs. Family members found injuries all over Jiang’s head, chest and legs. Jiang’s organs were removed without his family’s consent. Upon the request of Jiang’s families, Beijing lawyers Li Chungu and Zhang Kai arrived in Chungqing on May 13 to discuss details with the families. More than 20 police showed up and violently beat the two lawyers. Lawyer Zhang was hung by handcuffs in a metal cage. Both his hands were swollen. He was beaten till unconscious, and suffered a bleeding ear. Both lawyers were detained illegally for near 10 hours.

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