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Friday, June 11, 2010

Letters to Canada's PM Ahead of Hu's visit

Dear Prime Minister:

MWC - June 11, 2010: We are two sisters living in Vancouver who come from a family of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Recently, we learned that Hu Jintao will be visiting Vancouver from June 21-23 on his way to the G-20 meeting. Thus, we take this opportunity to tell you about the atrocities our family has suffered at the hands of the tyrannical regime simply because we are Falun Gong practitioners.

Since the unlawful persecution was launched by the communist regime (CCP) over 10 years ago, we have been continuously arrested and persecuted for our belief in the Falun Gong principle of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. Falun Gong is a peaceful group who practice a spiritual discipline. For no just cause I, Jing Cai, was shocked repeatedly with high voltage electric batons while my sister, Jing Tian, was roasted over a hot pit and tied to a tree outside in freezing weather.

But we were the fortunate ones, as we were rescued to Canada on May 13, 2009, thanks to the help of the United Nations, human rights groups, and the Canadian government. We will be forever grateful for this liberation. However, our dearest brother, Jing Yu, is currently doing hard labour in the notorious Dalian Prison because he refuses to renounce his belief in Falun Gong.

Our mother, Chen Jun, has been arrested and tortured many times in the past and is not currently in prison but is nevertheless constantly being harassed by the authorities because she also practices Falun Gong.

On the approach of Hu Jintao’s visit to Canada, we respectfully ask you, Mr. Prime Minister, to press the head of China to stop persecuting followers of Falun Gong and to free our brother Jing Yu, and all those practitioners who have been unjustly incarcerated, including an 80-year old Vancouver couple’s daughter, Yang Jinyan, who is on the list of 12 family members of Canadians currently seeking rescue.

We trust that all Canadians of conscience and good will can make a difference and we depend on you to remind the Chinese leader that such an unlawful, inhumane persecution has no place in a civilized world and freedom is a basic right of humanity. The human rights reports of thousands of Falun Gong adherents who were killed to facilitate the state’s selling of organs to transplant tourists is so disturbing that it deserves immediate attention to stop the carnage.

Jing Cai and Jing Tian
Vancouver, BC

Another Letter of Appeal

Right Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Dear Prime Minister:

On the occasion of Hu Jintao’s upcoming visit to Vancouver June 21-23, we would like to ask you to help rescue our daughter tortured in China for her faith. Please allow me to explain. We are a couple in our mid-eighties and we have lived in Vancouver for 31 years. We have lived a nightmare for the last 11 years as our daughter Yang Jinyan, 56, has been arrested seven times and brutally tortured for her belief in the Falun Gong principle of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and for doing exercises.

In 2006, after one of Jinyan’s many arrests, we were contacted by an overseas Chinese organization in Vancouver and told not to speak out in Canada about our daughter’s torture. Regardless of this tall, intimidating order, we have continued to speak out to help rescue our daughter.

Since my daughter was last arrested we’ve lost all contact with her. We are so sad that we cannot eat or sleep well. When she recovered her health through practicing Falun Gong we were so happy and we thought we would never need to worry for her. Who expected that she would be arrested again and again over the past 11 years?”

According to Chen Yonglin, a former Chinese diplomat in Australia and Hao Fengjun, an ex Chinese Communist Party officer (in Australia) who worked for the 610 office—a Chinese Gestapo-like solely mandated to persecute Falun Gong—the persecution of Falun Gong is a key policy of the Chinese regime among its many severe violations of human rights. Since its launch in 1999 the persecution has escalated into a crisis of crimes against humanity, with its scope and severity denied and systematically covered up.

Hence, Mr. Prime Minister, we hope that you can be instrumental in helping to free our daughter and all unjustly imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners from the tyranny of the Communist regime (CCP), including a Vancouver sisters’ brother, Jing Yu, who is on the list of 12 family members of Canadians currently seeking rescue.

As you are aware, this unlawful persecution has really taken a sinister twist resulting in the forced harvesting of practitioners’ organs to be sold to transplant tourists for profit. You can help save precious lives by playing a humanitarian key role on the world stage. We rest our deepest hope with you, Mr. Prime Minister, to do what is right, not only for Canadians but for the welfare of innocent Chinese people.

Yang Huanwen and Du Huiqing
Vancouver, BC

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