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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Falun Gong group files application for permit to allow the erection of shelter and billboard

Press Statement by the Vancouver Falun Dafa Association

December 1, 2010—11 AM Press Conference at YWCA: We are here today to announce that we will officially apply to City Hall for a permit to erect signs and a shelter hut as part of an ongoing 24/7 protest in front of the Chinese consulate against the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

We have been at this protest site since 2001. We have exposed the escalation of the inhuman torture, forced organ harvesting, and murder of our brothers and sisters in China by the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party through which hundreds of thousands have lost their lives for believing in the universal virtues of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance.

According to the reports on the Minghui website, during this year alone 42 Falun Gong practitioners in Guangzhou have been arbitrarily arrested and detained, including three who have relatives living in Vancouver. We’ve learned that no visitors have been allowed to see one of the relatives currently detained in the Cha Tou labour camp with neither charges nor judicial process of any kind.

This is yet another example of the abuses carried out by the regime, but there are many similar stories which have touch Vancouver practitioners personally—especially the 26 Vancouver victims who have had first-hand experience of the persecution.

Unfortunately we seldom see reports of the mass murder, genocide, and organ theft in China. The persecution remains largely hidden from the Canadian public. Meanwhile, the CCP regime’s propaganda machine keeps on pumping out more defamation and lies about Falun Gong disciples in an attempt to justify the killing.

Our voice and presence outside the Chinese Consulate-General are essential in order to raise awareness of the carnage and help bring it to an end. With the aid of the signs vividly depicting the regime’s atrocities and the reality of the persecution, we can amplify our voice and reach more people while revealing the ugly truth about the Communist Party’s dark secrets and how it tortures peaceful Falun Gong practitioners and gruesomely murders them in order to harvest their organs for profit.

We are their voice.

Practitioners in Vancouver overcome all kinds of difficulties to come to protest in all kinds of harsh weather, day and night, many of whom are seniors. It is our hope that our telling the facts of this genocide will be noticed by kind hearted people and that there will be an outcry by people of conscience the world over.

Despite much interference by the Chinese regime in Canada and here at this protest site—including death threats and the assault of one practitioner while a gun was held to his head—we are committed to our efforts to raise awareness of the persecution in a peaceful way until it stops, and we now apply to the City in accordance with the decision of the BCCA for a permit allowing us to do so in an effective way.

The persecution is a Crime against Humanity, and a gross violation of the Law of Nations. Please join us in putting an end to this most heinous evil.

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