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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sam Sullivan and the Chinese banged Falun Gong

VanCourier by Marie Beaulieu -A Chinese paper claimed that former mayor Sam Sullivan was told by the Chinese consulate that it was time to shut down the Falun Gong protest and Sam promised that it would be done before he left the mayorship. I think all was fine up till then, as the Falun Gong had gotten the verbal approval from the city to be protesting outside the consulate. At one point the Falun Gong even downsized the billboards when asked by the city to do so. The Falun Gong even got a thank you card from the city. But what this all boils down to is the Chinese consulate's interference with the free speech of Falun Gong and using Sam Sullivan's bylaw to do it.

To the Editor:

VanCourier by Charmaine Millott - For those who changed the bylaw to disallow the hut, I ask you, "What is worse, the blood shed or the hut?"

If you have a conscience, you'll say the bloodshed and let the Falun Gong have their hut. Why not help them to talk about a holocaust that is happening to them?

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