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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tibetans, Deficits, and ‘Death by China’

Misery in China protested as MPs hear of China's problematic rise: Forum on China

As Tibetans formed the words “Enough” with their bodies—a statement on the recent suicides of 11 monks in Tibet, several of them in their teens—author Greg Autry described a pattern of incremental destruction he says the Chinese regime is inflicting on the Western world.

China’s rulers, he said, have a unique power shared by Apple founder Steve Jobs—the reality distortion field.

“Apple employees and friends of Jobs described it as Jobs’ ability to look one directly in the eye and lie with impunity,” he said.

“The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have grown up with a similar confidence in their own infallibility and power to define truth as rulers of a vast totalitarian state.”

Autry said no matter how heinous the regime abuses its people, cheats in its trading relationships, spies and hacks other governments, or openly prepares for war, the West remains under the spell of its “unwavering fake smile.”

By convincing western nations to compete for access to the promised riches of the Chinese market, the regime has kept them relatively silent on everything from tariffs to its environmental and human rights abuses.

Autry argues that China’s military is growing faster than its GDP, and its major hardware investments—including the J-20 stealth fighter/bomber and anti-aircraft carrier ballistic missiles—point to preparations for an offensive rather than defensive confrontation....

610 Office

Over the years, Yiyang Xia said, the CCP created a swath of legislation comparable to other countries, but when it came time to massively violate those same laws, which it does consistently but on individual cases, it created an extra-judicial entity to by-pass the system entirely.

That entity, the 610 Office, is the Gestapo-type agency responsible for suppressing Falun Gong

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