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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Former McMaster Confucius Institute Teacher Files Case with HR Tribunal

A stipulation on CI's main website says teachers must have 'no record of participation in Falun Gong

“The respondent (McMaster) cannot evade its responsibility to respect the Ontario Human Rights Code standards by delegating its hiring responsibilities to an agent outside the jurisdiction and turning a blind eye to discriminatory hiring practices of its hiring agent,” Matas wrote in a submission to the OHRT, obtained by The Epoch Times.

CSIS head Richard Fadden has said CIs are under the control of Chinese embassies and consulates.

McMaster has also argued that it was unaware of Hanban’s rule forbidding practitioners of Falun Gong from teaching. Matas says the instruction is found in English on Hanban’s website and that McMaster should have known—if they didn’t it means they “didn’t do their homework.”
McMaster did not respond to requests for comment.
Other Canadian schools also claimed to be unaware of CIs’ discriminatory hiring policy, although the statement relating to Falun Gong has been available on the Hanban website.

More at the Epoch Times

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