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Monday, June 18, 2007

Letter Re: Delegation to N.B. strengthens Canadian-Chinese business ties

China's invasion of New Brunswick continues. The delegation is in Canada until the 17th. Talk to Joe Day about it.

Letter published June 19 in the print edition of the Times and Transcript (Moncton, NB)

RE: Delegation to N.B. strengthens Canadian-Chinese business ties; Sen. Joe Day hosts 10 Chinese legislators on visit to East Coast Times & Transcript (Moncton) 2007.06.16 BY: Stephanie Kukkonen

While I appreciate Joe Day’s eagerness for bringing new business in NB, I would also like to caution him. Day says: “They're called the National Peoples' Congress and they are the equivalent to Canada's parliament." That thought in itself has me frightened. These are the people who think nothing of launching policies to persecute religious groups in China. Think state-sanctioned organ harvesting from live Falun Gong prisoners of conscience for instance. Their organs are sold to rich foreigners and they are killed during the process. (Ref. Bloody Harvest: ) The camps there are even more brutal than those of the Soviet gulag and the methods of indoctrination are savage. If Canada is serious about relationship building, maybe we should consider being a true friend to China and ask The National People’s Congress to put a halt to these atrocities for the greater good of humankind…but I won’t hold my breath.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria, BC

(1) PUBLICATION: Times & Transcript (Moncton)
DATE: 2007.06.16
SECTION: Business
BYLINE: Stephanie Kukkonen Times & Transcript Staff
COPYRIGHT: � 2007 Times & Transcript (Moncton)
Delegation to N.B. strengthens Canadian-Chinese business ties; Sen. Joe Day hosts 10 Chinese legislators on visit to East Coast
The Canada-China Legislative Association (CCLA) is engaging in a little relationship building.

This past week, June 10 until tomorrow, Senator Joseph Day is hosting 10 delegates from China and giving them a taste of the East Coast. The delegates arrived in Moncton on June 14 and traveled to Shediac where they met with Mayor Raymond Cormier. Yesterday, the group visited the Moncton Flight College and met with Mayor Lorne Mitton.

"This is a very high ranking group. They're called the National Peoples' Congress and they are the equivalent to Canada's parliament," says New Brunswick's representative, Senator Joseph Day.

The 10 parliamentarians are in Canada for the 10th annual bilateral meeting. A key component of CCLA activities consists of annual bilateral meetings between Canadian federal parliamentarians and their counterparts from the National Peoples' Congress.

Last year, for the first time, there were two bilateral visits. One in June when 12 Chinese delegates visited Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Fort McMurray and Ottawa and again in October when 10 Canadian delegates travelled to Beijing, Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong. This 10th meeting is also a first for the CCLA.

"Traditionally, they would never come East," says Day. "I called my equivalent in the National Peoples' Congress and requested that they make a trip East and they agreed."

Throughout their stay the delegates will see Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton and Halifax. Day says the visit is going very well and that he is very pleased. He says the people visiting are from areas all over China, but they work in Beijing. They are primarily the people who make the government decisions in China.

The goal of this 10th bilateral meeting is to exchange information and promote a better understanding between the two countries. They will discuss areas of common interest and accomplishments, as well as differences and difficulties. Some items on the agenda are Canada-China bilateral relations, Canada-China trade relations, energy and environmental protection, as well as many others.

"What we're essentially doing is relationship building," says Day. "China is our second largest trading partner and it's necessary to develop and strengthen that relationship all over the country."

(2) PUBLICATION: New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
DATE: 2007.06.14
SECTION: Tjthecity
BYLINE: Mary-Ellen Saunders Telegraph-Journal
COPYRIGHT: 2007 Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick)
Investor sees better life in Canada; Business More than 400 Saint John business people have partnered with Chinese investors
Dressed in his business suit and sipping wine, Chinese businessman Adam Yu said he was looking for a small business in the city that he could invest in and new Chinese friends that live here that could teach him more about a way of life in a small city in Canada.
He was one of 30 potential Chinese investors that attended a gala dinner in honor of a delegation of the Peoples' Republic of China Wednesday night at the Chinese Commerce Centre on Coburg Street.

Tables dressed in white and red lined the theatre at the centre where Canadians, Chinese immigrants and potential immigrants enjoyed music, dinner and looked forward to a future of working together.

Yu, an information technology specialist, was looking for a small IT business to partner with. If a partner was found, Yu could make an investment that would speed up his immigration to Canada. This, he said, is a country that has a slower pace, better environment, friendlier people and a better education for his children.

While Yu admitted that doing business in New Brunswick was a lot different than the dinner business etiquette he was used to, he was encouraged by the harbourside renovation project suggested by KBL International Services and the opportunity to invest more.

With every tree he passed, he said he saw a better way of life - a way of life that money can't buy in China.

Tanya McCluskey-Kelly and Mark Kelly, owners of a small business called Bill's Siding & Windows, were also at the dinner. They are on a list for a Chinese investor, and are waiting to be chosen. While they are still looking for more information, they said they couldn't see the negatives in taking an investment that could help give them a financial boost and a Chinese partner that could take their business to places they couldn't afford to go alone.
Pierre Rouleau, of KBL International Services, an organization that helps wealthy entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada, said he has more than 400 Saint John business people that have partnered with Chinese investors that have signed agreements.
"We are signing 20 new agreements a month," Rouleau said.

He said Chinese investors are targeting the uptown and buying property from Union Street down to the waterfront. Soon, he said, people will be able to walk down Union Street and see the new commercial developments pop up. He said most of the development will occur in 2008, but construction of a four-storey building on the vacant lot on the corner of Union and Coburg streets will start in fall or next spring. The first floor will be a commercial business and the top three floors will be apartments.

The dinner, which served as a networking opportunity, was also a celebration for representatives from China and Canada on the Canada-China Legislative Association touring the Maritimes.

Lu Congmin, chairman of the National Peoples Congress foreign affairs committee talked in his speech about the history of the good relationship between Canada and China. He also spoke of the future of that friendly relationship that he saw as he looked out at the crowd of immigrants, potential immigrants and Canadians.

"It is great to see that the Chinese are living in great harmony with the citizens of Canada," Congmin said in Chinese. His remarks were translated for the English-speaking guests.

Senator Joe Day, chairman of the Canada-China Legislative Association, also addressed the crowd.

"Instead of going to the usual places, Toronto, Niagara Falls, why don't we go to another part of Canada that doesn't see as many high-level nation peoples' congress members but an area of Canada that is very keen to cultural exchanges, educational exchanges and business exchanges with China," said Day.

Day said the association will be heading to Moncton, Sackville and Halifax this week.

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