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Friday, August 17, 2007

Letter: Stay Home Published: 7:12 am, 16 August 2007.and Ottawa Citizen August 17, 2007 in response to this.

Unlike John Reynolds, I'm thrilled that David Kilgour and others took on the noble task of calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. This affirmative action is much needed to beam the spotlight on the Communist regime's torturing and murdering of its own people for their organs and their beliefs, especially the Falun Gong group, which has been hit the hardest.

Had Reynolds talked with the farmers in the countryside for a couple of hours, he would know that the Chinese people are now calling for a boycott en masse under the slogan: "Human rights wanted, not Olympics."

It is Communist China that has it wrong - to not include human rights in this equation, which is a fundamental part of the Olympic charter, is where the real politicization that violates the spirit of the Olympic movement really lies. How long can we ignore all the poison emerging from China these days, let alone the killing of innocent people for their faith? Would we not all boycott the Games if they were given to Sudan or Zimbabwe?

Canada should be a true friend to China and keep our athletes home.
Marie Beaulieu, Victoria

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