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Friday, August 24, 2007

Letter: Freedom comes first

Taipei Times: Friday, Aug 24, 2007, Page 8

Taiwan should be commended for standing up for its citizens. The illegal mass deportation of Taiwanese ("HK returns Taipei's letter of protest in immigration dispute," Aug. 19, p2) , for the most part Falun Gong adherents, during the Hong Kong hand-over anniversary events speaks volumes.

This case is by far the largest deportation case in Hong Kong's history and cannot be simply brushed off. Using this incident as a barometer, I agree that Taiwan's stance of rejecting China's autocratic policy under the guise of "one country two systems" is the right thing to do. Needless to say that Hong Kong's uncouth and rude treatment of Taiwanese sends the wrong message to the international community and is nothing but a reflection of Bejing's tyrannical grip.

After all, why should Taiwanese be treated as second-class citizens just because Beijing said so? Make no mistake -- upholding non-communist values of freedom and democracy is truly what is at stake here.

Marie Beaulieu

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