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Friday, January 23, 2009

‘Pagoda of Light’ Published in Canada

English Edition of ‘Pagoda of Light’ Published in Canada

Epoch Times Staff Jan 23, 2009
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(Blue Butterfly Books Publishing Inc)
In late 2008, the English edition of Pagoda of Light—A Falun Gong Story from Today's China was officially published by the Canadian publisher Blue Butterfly Books Publishing Inc, to the rave reviews of many in the Chinese community.

A real-life story in itself, Pagoda of Light takes place in today's China and follows the life of Bai Shaohua's family through their experiences as Falun Gong cultivators. The original story, written in Chinese, has become a welcomed favourite on the Epoch Times and Kan Zhong Guo websites. In the English edition, authors Tu Long and Meng Yuan have included many historical backgrounds, commentaries, introductions, and lively details in the text according to the needs and understanding of western audiences.

Mr. Patrick Boyer, President of Blue Butterfly Books Publishing Inc. was a former Canadian Member of Parliament, and has published many human rights-related texts. Pagoda of Light is the first of them that is related to mainland China. As such, Mr. Boyer offered his thoughts, "This is an extraordinary book. Like other human rights-related texts, it is not a happy story, but what's special about it is that it illuminates your heart after reading it! Many westerners have only heard about the persecution of Falun Gong, and wish to learn more about it. This book will definitely be of great help."

Specialist on modern Chinese issues Mr. Wang Juntao offered to pen the prologue, in which he writes, "This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to see the real workings of modern Chinese society. While, on the one hand, it is a simple story of the tragedies met by an ordinary Falun Gong practitioner, it is also a reflection of the complicated society that China is today, and a guide to the intricate spiritual struggle that has arisen out of decades of economic development."
The English edition of Pagoda of Light is beautifully bound under a blue cover with golden texts. The front cover shows the Linglong Pagoda, a famous structure built in the Ming Dynasty. To preserve as much essence of Chinese culture as possible, headings are provided in both Chinese and English. Moreover, the original Chinese poems written by Shaohua are included alongside their translations to display the beauty of Chinese poems to the western reader.

For more information or for ordering details please visit the Blue Butterfly Publishing Inc. website.

Ordering Information at Blue Butterfly Publishing Inc.

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