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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Top 10 Unicorns of China Policy

Unicorns are beautiful, make-believe creatures. But despite overwhelming evidence of their fantastical nature, many people still believe in them. Much of America's China policy is also underpinned by belief in the fantastical: in this case, soothing but logically inconsistent ideas. But unlike with unicorns, the United States' China-policy excursions into the realm of make-believe could be dangerous. Crafting a better China policy requires us to identify what is imaginary in U.S. thinking about China. Author James Mann captures some in his book, The China Fantasy.

The Chinese blame the United States for everything from earthquakes (weather warfare) to inflation to the Falun Gong and anything else that comes along in China. To the Chinese sheeple, there's nothing wrong with China per se, or in China per se. ...

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