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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why not quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) while you still can!

Why not quit the CCP while you still can?
by M.Makina
Gao Zhisheng, one of China’s 10 best lawyer whose Beijing law firm was recently shut down by the CCP for defending the rights of dissidents and religious groups, has officially quit the Communist Party.It’s no wonder that people want to disassociate from the evil party. Look at the Shanwei Massacre where over 3000 paramilitary police opened fire on peasants protesting the loss of their lands to the construction of a power plant. The death toll of 100 is still uncertain as the village has been sealed off. Let’s remember Hanyuan where 10,000 police were deployed to watch over 100,000 people peacefully protesting the construction of a dam resulting in the witnessed death of at least 10,000 people at the commands of Hu Jintao and Luo Gan. And what about Taishi, communist China’s test case for democracy where 1000 police showed up in a small village to confiscate papers incriminating the government with stealing land from them. They close down the village office and brutalized the villagers including a BBC reporter to silence this effort for freedom.

All this is recent history but we could go back a few years and talk about Tiananmen where tanks deliberately mowed down thousands of students protesting for democracy, Mao’s Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward that accounts for 50-70 million deaths alone.

Communist China's uncensored history is very well summed up in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. This little book will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about the CCP.

I still wonder why such an evil Party is still allowed to prolong its reign of terror in the 21st Century. Why stick with a Party that has killing and torturing at the head of its platform. Why do they call China ‘the People’s Republic’ when we know that the last thing that her dictators care about is the well-being of their people while they're so busy concocting their next ploy and worshipping the gods of power and money.

Let’s face it the CCP is eroding quickly and it will drag down anybody on its path of self-destruction with it to the saddest and coldest grave there is. The CCP is not only bad for the people of China but for everyone that comes into contact with it.

It’s easy to quit the party. A lot of people use a reliable website on The Epoch Times to post their resignations from the party or simply leave a note on public notice boards. If you’re in mainland China you can use DynaWeb proxy network to bypass the CCP’s internet blockade. People are quitting at a constant rate of 20,000 per day. So far 6.3 miillion have quit and growing. Advice of the day: Quit the party while you’re ahead of the game and make this event the proudest day of your life. The time is NOW!

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