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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Golden shield vs Falun Gong

"Aside from the public security bureau's use of technology for criminal cases, the most important [use] is the tracking and suppression of Falun Gong followers, " says Hao.

It is unfortunate that American technology is being used for Beijing to wage their war against Falun Gong and dissidents while they pretend that it is mainly to target criminals. Actually, there is some truth to that because Falun Gong practitioners are considered the number one enemy of the state by the CCP with dissidents next in line. The dictators must feel really threatened to stoop to this new low by enhancing their Golden Shield with hukou digitization. This again puts everybody’s conscience on trial…where is the fine line?

However, there is an American law in place already that would serve as moral guidance to companies such as Cisco, Oracle, and others that are willing to sell their soul to the devil for profit.

“The Tiananmen sanctions prohibited the export "of any crime control or detection instruments or equipment" to China. "We wanted to undermine the effectiveness of the police in rounding up, imprisoning, and torturing political dissidents, not only those involved in the Tiananmen Square movement, but for years to come," explains Representative Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), who helped draft the law.

But Lantos, the California congressman, says the sanctions have been undermined. "The Commerce Dept.'s decision to interpret the law narrowly is absolutely unconscionable," he argues. "By allowing American companies to sell high-tech computer and communications devices to the Chinese police, our nation is directly aiding in the suppression of political dissent in China."

Seven years ago Jiang Zemin launched a genocidal campaign targeted at Falun Gong after labelling them as a cult. His directive: "destroy them physically, defame their reputations and bankrupt them financially." This persecution is the number one genocide in China today.

"American software can be traced to modernization efforts supporting at least one arm of the Chinese ideological enforcement apparatus: the State Council Leadership Team for Preventing & Handling Cults. More commonly known as the 610 Office, a reference to the date in 1999 on which it was created, this body tracks followers of unauthorized religions, such as Falun Gong. Hao Fengjun worked in the 610 Office in the northern city of Tianjin until he fled China last year. From his new home in Australia, he has added his voice to Falun Gong's protests over being oppressed. Hao says the Tianjin branch has a database containing 30,000 practitioners of the banned sect as well as additional names of other unauthorized religious groups. Some of the
data were drawn from China's elaborate hukou, the household registration system
that helps the government monitor and control the population."

This tracking technology will lend a hand to the dictators who vowed to eradicate Falun Gong before the 2008 Olympics

"The digitization of hukou, an enormous task that is part of the Golden Shield project, has involved American technology, including software provided by EMC, according to EMC executives. "Aside from the public security bureau's use of technology for criminal cases, the most important [use] is the tracking and suppression of Falun Gong followers," says Hao. The American companies emphasize that they don't determine how the Chinese use their products." (more)

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