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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Russia: Epoch Times Reporter Banned From Covering Official "The Year of China" Opening in Russia

Russia is closely linked to China where arresting Epoch Times and NTDTV reporters - is seen as business as usual. Hmm...Where are Reporters without borders when you need them? Update: And now to top it all off - they are deporting Falun Gong practitioners who have their UN Refugee Status...what is wrong with this picture?

Excerpt Epoch Times: At that moment, the phone rang and the policeman repeated loudly an order he had just received: "Cross the Epoch Times reporter's name off the list and do not let him in." No explanations followed. The journalist took one picture of the tower, but in a few seconds, he was approached by a representative from the military commandant's office, who demanded he delete the picture. (more)

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