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Saturday, March 17, 2007

French Falun Gong Business Manager Arrested in Beijing

The 6-10 Office is at it again. When will they ever learn to leave the Falun Gong alone...and chase real criminals instead.

The Epoch Times (Paris) Mar 17, 2007 —He was supposed to take part in a managers' meeting of his company on March 14 in Angers, France, but Ma Jiang, manager of PCM company's Beijing office, which sells commercial oil pumps, was taken away by police on February 28 in Beijing as he was working.

The police have refused to reveal where he is being held, or for what reason, and all contact or information for his family or company has been refused.

His workmates at PCM said that six plain clothes policemen arriving at the business premises and were alone with Ma Jiang in his office. A secretary recounted that after much aggression and ransacking of the office, the police took away Ma Jiang and a Falun Gong book. The phone line had been torn out and the office was a mess.

Ma Jiang's wife, now in Canada, appealed to the French Association of Falun Gong, the PCM company, and any institution or person able to help free him because his life is in great danger. (more) .

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