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Monday, April 09, 2007

Chinese Dissident Says Confession Made Under Duress

Attorney Gao Zhisheng is concerned for the welfare of his family while under house arrest with hundreds of police officers surrounding his house 24/7. He shares with his friend how the pressure got to him in the worst of conditions and how the cadres are using his confession to create havoc amongst supporters. Here is Gao's letter to human rights activists.

New York Times (BEIJING) April 9 — Gao Zhisheng, one of China’s most outspoken dissidents until his conviction on sedition charges late last year, acknowledged that he received a light sentence in exchange for confessing crimes, but he claimed he did so only under mental and physical duress. (more)

Gao via Epoch Times: This so-called public announcement exchanged for 5,000 yuan (US$600) for my children and my wife to live on. This amount of money was originally my legal income. Since the beginning they have targeted my children, my wife and my family members in my hometown. My older brother was also under house arrest for four months. They want to push me to death. They said that they would do anything to deal with me. (more)

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