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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chinese-language TV station urges Ottawa to expel diplomat

May justice be done...Let Canada speak a little louder and get things done here.

Canadian Press : Published: Thursday, April 19, 2007- OTTAWA (CP) - A Chinese-language TV station is calling on the federal government to expel a Chinese diplomat for allegedly trying to block its licence approval.

New Tang Dynasty TV says Huang Huikang tried to orchestrate a campaign to keep it from getting a broadcast licence from the CRTC.

The station is to hold a news conference Friday to ask that Huang be kicked out "for his direct and continued interference and attacks against a Canadian business operation here in Canada."

The non-profit broadcaster also notes that defector Jiyan Zhang, the wife of a former official at the Chinese Embassy, revealed the existence of an office within the embassy geared toward interfering with anyone critical of the Chinese communist regime.

It says she also produced a document which detailed embassy efforts to thwart New Tang's efforts to win a licence.

New Tang says the embassy tried to enlist Chinese Canadians and Chinese students in Canada in a letter-writing campaign to oppose the licence.

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