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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Falun Gong Misconceptions: “Controversial”?

Joel comes with the facts and explores some important key factors surrounding the Falun Gong movement in China that sheds light on the intent of the propaganda pumped by the Chinese regime for the past 12 years and its impact in China and abroad.
  • The draconian human rights abuses perpetrated by Chinese communist authorities against apolitical, peace-loving, lawful citizens who practice a cultivation of mind and body called Falun Gong.
  • In China, Falun Gong was anything but “controversial,” much less labeled “heretical,” prior to its persecution in 1999 and even the CCP cadre was fond of it.
  • Some officials envisioned it as a panacea for the aging nation’s health care woes.
  • What happened? The Chinese regime banned the practice in 1999 while the Party faced a potential crisis of legitimacy—domestic and international—like no other given Falun Gong’s popularity and with the group not having been found at fault.
  • The Communist Party’s solution? To demonize the group with vilification campaigns in state-run media and through elaborate PR initiatives abroad. This also served a second purpose: to deflect people’s attention away from very real and pressing social problems, not to mention official corruption, that by some estimates threaten to tear the nation asunder.
  • The cover up. Beijing authorities want you to ask who these people are (and are fed the vile Beijing's definition), rather than what is being done to them, i.e., forced organ harvesting, Stalinist style torture, gang rapes, pillage, etc.
We can help put an end to these atrocities by enforcing universal human rights conventions.

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