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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Policy makers ignore those who know best the Chinese regime’s weakness--the Falun Gong

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin revealed documents showing how consulates in Australia and around the world cooperate and use front organizations to suppress dissident groups.

U.S. State Department Faces Egyptian-Style Failure Over China

Nieh says: “The persecution of Falun Gong (by the regime) in China tests the imagination and the character of State Department officials. The United States was founded by individuals fleeing religious persecution, and the Falun Gong issue should be very easy for Americans to understand. Yet in the face of such a huge atrocity, the State Department has chosen to meet with the torturers and the murderers, while refusing to meet with the victims."

Don't be fooled: ...The Xinhua correspondents who use friendship as a propaganda tool are obviously employees of the CCP. Heng says that in capitals around the world, the “friends” who approach government officials often have no obvious ties to the CCP.

Chen Yonglin, the former consul for political affairs for the Chinese Consulate in Sydney who defected in 2005, testified before the U.S. Senate that his consulate often used “friends” to deliver information to Australian government officials.

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Canadian Spymaster Criticized by Alleged Beijing Front Organization

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