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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Communist China's Ecological Suicide

Why China Should Join Kyoto

by M.Makina

After the toxic spill that polluted Harbin's water supply and killed 7 people in Russia last week, it's clear that China does not follow any environmental regulations whatsoever and that poison comes out of her in more ways than one! The spill amounting to one hundred tons of benzene translates into China's worst ecological nightmare so far.

We had better start taking a serious look at China's record for environmental disasters. We are more closely linked to that country than we think and we likely feel the negative impact already.

Why are the two superpowers, US and China, exempt from Kyoto?

It would be a shame to stop those multinationals from rushing to China to set up their sweatshops if they suddenly had to pay green fines for not abiding to environmental regulations not to mention occupational regulations.

Let's face it Communist China is a global misfit--guilty of committing ecological suicide for years on end.

How do you spell K-y-o-t-o?

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