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Monday, December 05, 2005

Letter: Falun Dafa

Minnesota Daily: December 5, 2005 - I don't agree with Lin Wang's assessment of Falun Dafa in his Dec. 2 guest column, "Falun Dafa and ignorance." I think the ignorance is on Wang's part. To get rid of this peaceful meditation practice, China's dictators called Falun Dafa a cult in its early years. An anti-cult law was passed that gave the Communist Party the go-ahead to start its campaign of genocide against believers of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance.

The illegal persecution of Falun Gong is in its sixth year and is well documented by the U.N. The book "Zhuan Falun" is sold for less than $1 in China and is free on the Internet. As most authors collect royalty on their books, Li Hongzhi was not allowed to do so in China as most of the proceeds went to the state. The IED has proved the self-immolation of 2001 at Tiananmen to be a hoax and by looking at the footage, it's quite obvious that it was staged. Even in the 21st century, China's dictators and the Communist Party shamelessly torture and kill their own people: state terrorism at its best.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria, British Columbia

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