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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Falun Gong Practitioners Attempt to get Visiting Chinese Official Arrested

Epoch Times: According to the complaint filed, as Guangdong Province Party Secretary, the Defendant served as one of the key architects of the attempted systematic elimination of Falun Gong in Guangdong province.

It has been publicised in several reports that in 2001, Mr Li Changchun formed the “Office 610”, Guangdong Province's Gestapo-like team, to micromanage and carry out the campaign of genocide and persecution against Falun Gong believers within Guangdong.
Another string to Li Changchun’s bow was his initiation of the use of “blacklists” to enable Office 610 agents and Public Security officers to identify and find members of the religious group in Guangdong.

According to the complaint, Mr Li Changchun authorised, directed and enabled the 610 Office to send hundreds of Falun Gong believers in Guangdong to “Re-Education Through Labour” camps where they were publicly humiliated, interrogated, brainwashed, tortured or murdered.


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