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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rally for Renunciations from the CCP, Now at 80 Million, Held in Taiwan

Epoch Times: A representative for the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, Professor Liu Cheng-Yi, spoke at the rally.
“The reason why so many people want to quit the CCP is that they have come to understand that the Party is the cause of all miseries and disasters modern day China is facing. Therefore, these people do not want to be associated with the CCP any longer.”
The Global Service Center is a non-profit organization that coordinates the global volunteer efforts and keeps detailed records of the renunciations it receives. Many renunciations come unbidden to the organization’s website from ordinary Chinese who have heard about the campaign. In other cases volunteers make telephone calls to the mainland, explain the campaign to Chinese, and register renunciations. More...

“Kaohsiung City is a human rights city. We have established the ‘Kaohsiung Human Rights Self-Governing Regulations’ to emphasize our respect for different religions, beliefs, and culture,” said Vice Mayor Lee Yung-te in a speech at the rally.

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