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Friday, October 08, 2010

Photos Smuggled from China Show Bloated Falun Gong Practitioner Shortly Before Death

The Buffalo Hair Gazette International - China’s crimes against humanity continue with ever greater gusto than ever before. Commerce is in full swing as company after company relocate to China and there is no question why they abandoned their former nations, cheap labor. China’s burgeoning gulag system has also provided a proverbial cornercopia of cheap labor, slaves. So what if China is violating human rights laws as well as committing barbaric crimes against humanity in their chambers of horrors. It’s all about the bottom line for a multitude of US based industries, department stores and computer firms. Below are a couple photos smuggled out of China showing a Falun Gong practitioner who nearly survived China’s gulag system. Maybe if imported goods were labled with numbers of humans that died or were tortured to death for its manufacture people would think twice before they bought these products. Ah but we are to self centered to worry about that crappola anyway, right?

Mr. Zhang Yunping was retired from the Tangshan Steel Group Service Company in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. He was arrested in March 2003 and sentenced to prison in 2004. While serving an eight-year term in Jidong Prison, he was brutally tortured. The prison released him on medical parole on February 23, 2010. He died on September 6, at the age of 58.

These photos were taken on September 1, 2010 — one week before he passed away. Read more...

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