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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is the Quit the CCP movement in China -- just ask the Falun Gong experts !

Big March in Taiwan to Support this Phenomenon

China’s Tidal Wave of Spiritual Awakening

Many of us may still remember the long line of giant dominoes that were toppled during the 20th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 10, 2009. When the cascade of falling dominoes that marked the original location of the wall reached the last domino–the one adorned with Chinese characters–it did not fall. This ironic and symbolic last standing domino sent a clear message and question to the world: what should we do now to bring down this last domino–the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)–so as to completely eliminate communism from the world?

President Obama equated communism to fascism in his inaugural address in January 2009. Many times, President Bush likened the war on terror to the struggle against communism. Yet after 60 years of oppressive political movements and building up its propaganda apparatus, the CCP has perfected its unscrupulous means of controlling the minds of people, not only inside China, but also in the free world.

The CCP has managed to extend considerable influence in the international community. Through diplomatic and economic channels, the CCP has infiltrated many overseas media, making them its mouthpieces. It has also underhandedly influenced foreign governments’ decision making, and even blackmailed some companies into cooperation with its anti-human rights policies.

The international community is now facing the difficult choice between financial benefits and universal moral principles.

One cannot help but wonder how far this might go. If international condemnation, economic sanctions, and even the threat of military might are not effective to defeat this despotic regime, what can?

We believe the answer is indeed one of conscience, a spiritual one. The CCP’s main weapon of oppressing the Chinese people has always been through mind control and brain washing, undermining moral values, and to instill terror and fear. The result has been the corruption of Chinese society on every level.

However, it is now also plainly evident that all along the CCP has been digging its own grave and is about to reap what it has sowed. It is now facing the consequences of its own sixty years of tyrannical rule.

Domestically, the CCP is facing widespread declining morality, frequent uprisings, high unemployment rate, a corrupted political system, and a collapsing ecosystem. Internationally, the CCP is facing condemnation of its shameful human rights record and growing resistance towards its infiltration.

The CCP is like a rotten, withered tree; it will collapse in a gust of wind. However, the damage the CCP has inflicted upon mankind is not only manifested in the political party, but also in the deeper, spiritual side of people’s minds. Sixty years of communist ideology will not be so easily wiped out when the Party collapses.

Those few in the inner circle of the CCP know the communist Party’s final destiny better than anyone else. As any ruthless dictator in history, it will not leave the stage without pulling down with it as many innocent people as possible. They are the people who were fooled by unceasing propaganda, and coerced by fear, to blindly follow Party orders, give up their moral beliefs, and commit many bad deeds.

While the final moment of the CCP’s end has not yet arrived, it is an opportunity for the Chinese people to vindicate and save themselves by severing their affiliation with the CCP.

In November 2004, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published and printed by the Epoch Times as a nine-part editorial series. The book is an exposition of the history of the CCP, its rise to power, and the crimes committed during its 60 years rule. These crimes are enormous. It is commonly stated that in its six decades of rule; the CCP has caused an estimated 80 million deaths, more than were killed by the Nazis in Germany and the Soviets in Russia combined.

The Nine Commentaries passes a final judgment on the CCP and calls for those who are still deceived by the CCP to see its true nature, purge its poison from their spirits, extricate their minds from its evil control, free themselves from the shackles of terror, and abandon for good all illusions about it.

The book is officially banned in China but despite its banning by authorities, it continues to be widely spread and sought after by Chinese citizens. Immediately after its publication, the Nine Commentaries became very popular and triggered the global movement of quitting-the-CCP. People expressed their desire to quit via phone, fax, and by email. The overseas quit-the-CCP website < > keeps a tally of the total number of renunciations.

Many people in mainland China who do not have access to the aforementioned ways of posting their quitting statements, have simply posted a note somewhere in public, stating that they want to quit the CCP. As long as it is a true wish from the heart, we feel the effect of having one’s heart and mind cleansed of the evil specter of communism is the same.

However, the Internet tallied number does give a rough measure of how widely spread this movement has become. By September 2010, 80 million renunciations from the CCP and its affiliated youth organizations have been recorded on the website, a number which is increasing by tens of thousands each day.

More importantly, instead of being a political movement aimed at bringing down the CCP, the essence of quitting-the-CCP movement lies in the spiritual awakening of each individual. There is no direct causality between the quitting-the-CCP movement and the demise of the CCP. As we said earlier, the CCP’s demise is caused by its own doing. Meanwhile, it is crucial that people become clear about the nature of the CCP and renounce their association with it before its collapse. This is to escape the fate of falling together with the CCP.

We quote from the Nine Commentaries: “Any pipe dream of salvaging the CCP is against the trend of history. It will not only be in vain, but also destroy the participants’ own future.”

At this turning point in history, the quitting-the-CCP movement is also paving the road towards a peaceful transitioning into a better future for China and all of mankind.

The Nine Commentaries has been translated into over 30 languages. Support and praise of the movement have been coming in from all corners of the world in verbal or written statements, legislative support, and financial sponsorships.

The people in the former USSR, Poland and Eastern Europe started the elimination of communism. Now it is up to all of us to support this unstoppable tide towards a physical and spiritual world without communism. Please write us and spread the word. Your words and opinions will influence an even wider array of people who otherwise might not have the chance to even know about this movement.


- A Collection of International Support for the Quit-the-CCP Movement

- Recordings of Phone Calls from ordinary Chinese citizens

- A Collection of Renunciations from Well-Known Chinese

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A Collection of International Support for the Quit-the-CCP Movement

“I think quitting the CCP is a wonderful idea, because there is no way to change this communist party which is rotten from its core. The Party is corrupted. The absolute dictatorship leads to absolute corruption. Therefore I think the future of China lies in the quitting the CCP movement.”

Mr. Mart Laar, two times Prime Minister of Estonia, July 2010

“The quit-the-CCP movement is an on-going social reform. People are no longer seeking moral guidance from the communist party, but are obtaining it from somewhere else. To the Chinese society, this is a very healthy development towards to natural multi-faceted society and away from the totalitarian regime.”

MP Scott Reid, member of the Parliamentary Friends of Falun Gong, April 2010

“The quit-the-CCP movement is very important to China’s future. Any actions and development regarding this movement, including a politician’s public speech supporting it, is one crucial step towards democracy. I am really glad to hear about this movement.”

Mr. Martin Bursik, Czech Minister of Environment, April 2009

Having committed such horrible crimes and embodying an evil that can only be considered unpardonable, the Chinese Communist Party is destined to collapse. The West should support the defense of Chinese people’s rights and freedoms and turn its back on the economic illusion being peddled by the CCP. I hope that the 50 million brave Chinese who have quit the CCP know that we are on their side. We are against the communist regime and are very glad to see so many Chinese have already joined the righteous people in the world.”

Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman (R - CA), March 2009

“The Unprecedented Campaign to End Tyranny is a Midwest tour across nine states to support the people who have peacefully quit the Chinese Communist Party. It celebrates the condemnation of communism and the evolution of attitudes that encourage freedom of speech, religion, and expression. Since 2004, nearly fifty-four million Chinese citizens have bravely and publicly disassociated themselves with the Chinese Communist Party. This number continues to grow by up to 40,000 each day. The defection movement is gaining in momentum.”

“It is the responsibility and duty of free Americans to stand with those who yearn to be free. I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring the bravery of those who have had the daring audacity to publicly step forward and denounce the stifling oppression of communism, and embrace the ideals of freedom and liberty.”

Hon. Thaddues G. McCotter, US House of Representatives Michigan, May 2009

“The Chinese people face a choice, they can choose to stand on the side of justice and leave a clean and honorable name in history, or compromise with the evil Chinese Communist Party, and leave a shameful name forever. Falun Gong practitioners have led by example and left a noble example for the Chinese people by their principled and determined nature. Falun Gong practitioners have not only suffered, but have also saved others lives.”

The Right Honorable Mr John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, June 2009

Letter supporting 55 million Chinese who have quit the CCP

"My personal story is such that if somebody had told me 20 years ago that some of my family who had lived behind the Iron Curtain under the communist rule of Eastern Europe, if somebody had told me that they would be free and that there would no longer be oppression and they wouldn't be stuck in jail for opposing the political party or just for wanting to have spiritual practice outside what the communist party allowed, I wouldn't have believed it.

"But it was because of people in the free world who had sent messages that gave hope to those behind that Iron Curtain. And you today, just like so many other days, especially ones that are colder and damper and uglier weather than we have today, you send messages to those people who are behind that Bamboo Curtain. I thank you."

MP Rob Anders, Member of the Canadian Parliament, March 2007

"20 million people quitting the communist party may signal the beginning of the end of oppression. This will be the case if we continue to encourage them, and others who will follow their lead. Never give up. Mighty empires may seem invincible, but human will is stronger. Courage and hope—these are the ingredients we need to succeed. God bless you all."

Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka, writer, activist, broadcaster and

former co-president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, March 2007

“I support the 24 million brave Chinese who have quit the CCP and its affiliates and encourage more to do the same. We in the West are with the Chinese people and support any actions that will end this communist regime in a peaceful way. The West welcomes a new China that is without communism. This is a China that the Chinese people both long for and deserve.”

Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of EU

Letter to Rally support 24 million Chinese quit the CCP on Jul. 20, 2007

“The Canadian government should be giving publicity to these events—the posting of the “Nine Commentaries” and the subsequent resignations from the CCP. I have found almost nothing in Canadian papers on the “Nine Commentaries” or on the subsequent resignations from the CCP. It is not a difficult story to understand. Canadians will recognize the meaning of this immediately, provided it appears on front pages.”

Hon. Stockwell Day, Canadian MP

Future of Communism in China conference, May 2005

Recordings of Phone Calls from Ordinary Chinese Citizens

The following statements are gathered by the volunteers from the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP. They handle calls from people mostly in mainland China who wish to quit the CCP.

In 2008, many school kids were killed by the Tofu-dreg school buildings during the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. On the quitting-the-CCP hotline, some parents said: “We rushed to the collapsed buildings immediately to try to save our kids, but we were still too late. The CCP is the worst gangster! We do not want anything to do with it. Please help our dead kids to quit the Youth Pioneer League as well. This way they will rest in peace.”

In the Sept. 8 Shanxi mudslide in 2008, a local resident said that over 1,000 people were killed but that the official mouth piece reported only 178 deaths. He said sadly, “Both of my kids are dead. Please help them quit. They do not deserve to die!”

In Jishou city, Hunan province, an illegal fund-raising consortium triggered an uprising of over 100,000 locals in Sept. 2008. The uprising was brutally suppressed. A student from Jishou city said on the phone, “Nowadays in China, we, the general public, are not allowed to have any public gatherings. There are military forces by the roadside ready to shoot us. There is no report of what happened on the web or on TV. Even if it was reported, it would have been something like the general public attacking the police. Yesterday, our teacher told us that two types of people have difficulties living in China. They are honest officials and obedient citizens. We really do not know what to do. The CCP has made a huge mess in our country.”

A parent whose child is the victim of the tainted milk powder, had this to say: “Everyday I look at my sick child and I would cry. I feel helpless. All we had hoped for was to be safe. We had never expected that the CCP had not only damaged our lives but that of our kids. I want to quit! My wife wants to quit! I hate the evil CCP!”

On the one year anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, those parents who appealed were jailed or under 24 hour surveillance. When they received the call from the volunteers of the Service Center, they burst into tears and said, “Please also help our child to quit. I will give him the name ‘free spirit’. I hope he will be able to live in freedom and peace up there.”

When the Deng Yujiao incident (In May 2009, the director of the Badong county business promotions office, who attempted to rape a 21-year-old woman, was stabbed to death by the woman.) broke out, a Badong county resident was outraged, “There is not a single bad thing in this world that the evil Party has not done. My family and I will not remain in its organizations. I think there is no more justice in this country! When will the evil be punished?”

In the 2008 snow storm in Guizhou province, an 80-year-old man walked all 28 townships in one month and gathered 527 names who wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He told the Service Center: “Even in such awful weather, those corrupted officials did not stop confiscating local peasants’ land. I am not afraid. I want to tell everyone about the quitting-the-CCP movement. I want to live to witness the day when this evil Party collapses!”

A Collection of Renunciations from Well-Known Chinese

“The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party ... made me realize the true face of the Com­munist party ... I feel that I still need to clearly make a solemn declaration, thoroughly eliminate any poisons related to the Communist Party from deep within my inner heart and quit the evil party.”

Xiaomin Huang, 1990 Olympic Silver Medalist--excerpt from her statement registered on the website

“Let us be brave and join hands together to shake off all the fear, terror and grief laid upon us by the ruling Com­munist regime in China ... Let us free ourselves at last.”

Chinese defector Chen Yonglin, former First Consul at the Chinese consulate in Sydney, Australia, regis­tered in June, 2005 shortly after he defected

“This CCP has employed the most barbarous and most immoral and illegal means to torture our mothers, our wives, our children, and our brothers and sisters. It continuously persecutes and torments the conscience, character, and kindness of us, the people! From now on, Gao Zhisheng, a Party “member” ... declares that he quits the cruel, untrustworthy, inhumane, and evil party. This is the proudest day of my life.”

Attorney Gao Zhisheng, once designated by Chinese authorities as one of the “top ten lawyers” in China, now being persecuted for defending Falun Gong

“As more and more facts about the CCP came to light, I painfully realized that it has never put the good of the people first. On the contrary, it is a vested inter­est group that puts power first; it is autocratic, cruel, extremely corrupt, deceitful and weak ... Therefore I solemnly declare: I withdraw from the CCP.”

Chinese official Han Guangsheng, Former Chief and Party Secretary of the Shenyang City Justice Bureau

"I am so glad to learn that 82 million Chinese people have quit the Chinese Communist Party—one of the most cruel and criminal parties in the world. Unfortunately, under the CCP's ruthless totalitarian dictatorship, the great China and her people have suffered unspeakable and endless disasters. The campaign of quitting the CCP is the truest and best way to end this evil communist regime. "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" is the book that changes the world."

Guoting Guo, Chinese Human Right lawyer and political refugee
October 2010

Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party

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