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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letter: Shen Yun and the elephant in the room

Dear Editor,

I don't think we can ignore the elephant in the room much longer when it comes to Shen Yun. After a string of sabotage attempts from Beijing's long arm to cancel Shen Yun shows in major cities around the globe--and particularly in 2008 when the Consulate blocked Calgary Shen Yun sponsors (CBC report)--it is utterly outrageous to learn that this dance company would get barred from Calgary and Edmonton venues simply for speaking out. The poor treatment from the Jube and their unwillingness to openly resolve the issues at hand after 3 years deserved to hit the media. The bullying response alone from the Alberta Minister of Culture is proof enough that something unusual is at play here. Let's not get fooled again! Communist China is doing a bit more than just watching here.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria BC

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