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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letter: Alberta and the Shen Yun Saga

If the Shen Yun saga doesn't get resolved positively any time soon, Albertans will have taken quite a loss in the arts department. This world-class show is just great and so rich in cultural heritage. It's nothing like I've ever seen before. The backdrop comes alive with the show like in 3-D motion, dancers have flawless moves and so in sync with the orchestra but seriously the net gets in the way Mrs. Kilmchuk! Anyhow, I thought the show was way beyond my expectations. It's so sad to see that a few people are trying to hurt the reputation of the Chinese expat artists. For the artists do a good job, first of all  they need cooperation from the theatre (Jube) where they play at and see that the terms of the contract are respected. That's only common sense. And the fact that the Chinese regime wants to stop the show because of their hatred for the artists and the presenters--as most of them practice Falun Gong--only gives an opportunity for our gov representatives to endorse our values and speak up. Bravo Wildrose and Rob Anders for doing just that! Let's hope that all is not lost and that Premier Redford can come to the rescue and honour artists with a cause.

Marie Beaulieu
Victoria BC

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