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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heaven’s Gate Opens after History’s Long March

Over 7,000 years of human civilization, how many heroes have taken the stage?
Rise and fall, success and failure are like waves gone by,
Love, hate, gratitude, and resentment are like sand taken away by the ocean.
Wise men and sages of the past have exhausted their wits,
Enlightened beings descended to the world to impart their religions.
Seeing sentient beings suffer in reincarnation, they tell people to become good.
Wise men foretold a divine message: the Gods will steer the boats that save people during the last havoc
Through thick and thin, people have waited for thousands of years.
Taking goodness as a boat, you have suffered through many lifetimes in waiting.
Today, the moral level slides down, kindness and conscience disappear from people’s hearts.
The earth is as small as a village. You wonder, “Why haven’t gods arrived yet?”
You don‘t know what has transpired for 20 years: He has spread the Fa [the Law or Dharma] with great effort, and his hair has become tinged white.
He kindly persuades such an evil and poisonous world to be good, even while bad people spread salacious rumors about him.
They create an enormous lie to cheat the world, ruining people’s chance for salvation by the righteous teachings,
Which brings sadness to every village in the land.
But, there is Shen Yun to rotate Falun [Law Wheel or Dharma Wheel] again,
There is a giant boat to save sentient beings from tribulations and eliminate the last disaster.
Heaven’s gate opens after history’s long march,
Buddhas and Gods come down to save human beings.
All the effort made is to help people discern good and evil in their hearts,
The truth will sweep away the dark haze from your path.

Read original Chinese article.
Tang Bi is the nom de plume of a Chinese poet and artist.
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