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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Choice and the Crisis Facing the Chinese Regime

The members of the bloody-hands faction that has carried out the persecution of Falun Gong sought safety in their common guilt, but now other CCP officials have turned against [...]

At a conference organized by the 610 Office in April 2003 in Hebei Province, the torture method called “the straightjacket” was billed as an “advanced experience in transformation” and promoted for use throughout China.

The Falun Gong practitioner’s arms are bound and twisted behind the back in a specially designed jacket. The guards then pull the arms over the shoulders to the chest, tearing the shoulder ligaments. The legs are tied up, the mouth gagged, and earphones placed in the ears. A rope is tied around the practitioners’ arms, its end is looped around the bars on a high window, and the guards hoist the practitioner off the ground.

The practitioners’ shoulders, elbows, and wrists instantly fracture. Meanwhile, recordings slandering the practitioner’s beliefs are pumped through the earphones at high volume. If the practitioner is left hanging for an extended period of time, the spine fractures, and the practitioner dies in excruciating pain...

To choose to continue such acts as hoisting up Falun Gong practitioners tied up in straightjackets is to choose barbarism over civilization. It is to choose to bring disaster and shame onto China.

To oppose the persecution of Falun Gong is to choose a future based on what is best in humanity.

Although the recent, dramatic events in China may be distracting, this choice is plain for all to see. Each CCP official must choose where he or she stands, as must each Chinese citizen.
In addition, each government around the world and the world’s people must make the same choice.

This moment before the persecution ends allows for all to reflect on what has been displayed in China. It is a chance to choose a good future.

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