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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chinese organ harvesting warning urged

Bloody Harvest, an updated version of a report on organ harvesting by the Kilgour/Matas research team, was released today in Ottawa.

"China's military is harvesting organs from unwilling live prison inmates, mostly Falun Gong practitioners, for transplants on a large scale — including to foreign recipients — according to a study." (more)

Take a look at the report here for more shocking evidence on China's murder for organs.

"The reason it is happening is that we have a totalitarian government combined with what I call 'carnivore capitalism' where anything goes, and it shouldn't surprise people to know that this unimaginable practice is happening," he said. Kilgour believes the International Olympics Committee should "start to make some very stiff demands on China," starting with stopping organ harvesting immediately. He added that if the organ harvesting does not stop, thousands and thousands of people will arrive in Beijing in 2008 with badges saying "stop persecuting Falun Gong" or "stop organ snatching." (more)

CTV / CP: OTTAWA -- A former member of Parliament and a high-profile immigration lawyer are calling on the Foreign Affairs Department to issue an advisory warning Canadians off of travelling to China for organ transplants.

Former Liberal MP David Kilgour and David Matas, an immigration lawyer and senior legal counsel to B'nai Brith Canada, say they have overwhelming evidence that Chinese officials are killing Falun Gong practitioners and harvesting their organs for transplant.

The pair have travelled to 30 countries since issuing a report last July on the issue of Chinese organ harvesting and they say they have doubled the evidence they had that unconscionable practices are taking place.

They said one former patient told them he was given eight kidneys over two months before one finally worked, and he claimed he was told by the Chinese military doctor who performed the transplant that the organ came from an executed prisoner.

Xiaohua Wang, an engineer now living in Montreal, says he and other practitioners of Falun Gong -- a discipline banned by China's communist government -- were tortured, brainwashed and subjected to suspicious organ examinations and blood tests while he was imprisoned in a labour camp for two years.

Matas and Kilgour say they have documented cases of Canadians from Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver travelling to China for transplants and they say Foreign Affairs should be telling prospective patients headed to China that the organs they receive are likely to be acquired by unethical means.

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